Three Passport Wallets that Won’t Make You Look and Feel like a Tourist

Keep your valuables safe without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Just because you’re a tourist, it doesn’t mean you need to let everyone know.Shutterstock

There are some things that instantly mark you as a tourist, and a cheap clear plastic pouch with all your stuff crammed into it around your neck is number one. Fortunately, you don’t have to resign yourself to a lack of style while you travel.

Simple and Effective

You can never go wrong with a cool, minimalist style.Amazon

Choose a style, first. Some passport wallets are classic folios designed to fit into a suit pocket or a purse, while others hang around the neck under your shirt, where pickpockets and the like can’t get at them. Depending on where you’re going, one style may make more sense than the other. If you won’t be taking your passport out anywhere other than the airport, for example, a folio may be more convenient. But if you’ve got rugged road ahead of you, a lanyard might give you peace of mind.

Just Hanging Around

If you still insist on keeping things as close to you as possible, choose a neck pouch wallet that was still built with style in mind.Amazon

Regardless of the style, pick a wallet that’s comfortable. Remember, lanyard passport wallets are designed to be tucked away without getting annoying. Folios need to be in your pocket just as long. Look for something light, breathable, and that won’t irritate your skin or make you sweat through your pocket lining.

Like Wearing a Vault

RFID blocking is extremely important to travelers who fear having their info digitally stolen.Amazon

Make an inventory of what you want around your neck. Passport wallets can carry much more than your passport and a few cards; some can cram everything you might possibly need short of a change of clothes into a seemingly impossible space, and that might come in handy for situations, like the beach, where you’d rather not have anything in your trunks. If you want to more evenly distribute your stuff, however, there are options that will hold your passport and a few cards.