Three Shirts That Should Be In Every Man's Travel Bag

Packing should be easy with these convenient, stylish options.

Despite weather conditions and temperature playing a big factor in what items you decide to bring on your next trip, there are a few shirts that should always make the packing list. The beautiful feature about these shirts is that they can be used in a variety of situations, whether you're inside at a restaurant or spending the day on a hike.

hurley shirt
A light long sleeve shirt not only keeps you cool but protects from the intense sun. | Amazon

Beach days or, for some, any activity with exposure to any amount of sunlight can be taxing. Not only does being in the sun drain your energy, but you also are susceptible to sunburns. That's why it's important to have a long-sleeve shirt that's able to protect you from the sun in any situation, no matter the weather.

Cossniss shirt
A dry fit shirt feels great on hot days. | Amazon

Polos and collared shirts in general are your get-out-jail card when you need to throw something on that's both stylish but not overdressed. They're simple yet stylish without making too much of a statement, but they also have a comfortable fit that's appropriate for everyday walking.

high-quality shirt
A durable, high-quality shirt will last for many vacations. | Amazon

Say you're going somewhere where you're certain the temperature is going to be hotter than you've ever experienced. Bringing a breathable shirt is important. You know sweating is an inevitability, so take something that will feel comfortable and will help you cool off while simultaneously protecting you from the sun.