Three Accessories Every Surfer Should Have For Traveling

Catching a wave on the road? Bring this essential gear.

Every surfer knows that each beach is unique in the waves it offers, and trying different places is part of the fun. And there's no reason you can't be ready to go when you have the right tools with you. Here are three things you need to catch a wave on the road.

board bag
A luggage fee is a small price to pay for bringing your surfboard. | Amazon

A good board bag is a must. Protecting surfboards from the vagaries of airports, backseats, and the other places they might travel ensures you spend more time in the water and less time ensuring your board is seaworthy. Look for a bag made of strong, light material that's sized for multiple sizes and types of board, and that's comfortable to carry if you'll need to haul it from a camp site or on a hike to get to the beach.

dry bag
For all of your smaller gear, a waterproof dry bag should be at the top of your list. | Amazon

Add a dry bag to your ensemble. Leaving aside the obvious problems that a drenched backpack can bring you, salt spray isn't great for your smartphone or more sensitive clothing items. If you're planning to hit the beach and then a nice restaurant after, a dry bag will ensure your dinner plans won't be derailed. Multiple liners are useful as well; the more barriers between water and your stuff, the happier it'll be.

ding repair
Handle the dings and dents as you normally would with a portable kit. | Amazon

Keep ding resin and other tools handy. No matter how gentle you are with your board, dings and dents will happen, and there's little more disappointing than pulling out your board to discover it's in need. Pick up resin that cures in UV light, to limit how many tools you have knocking around in your bag. Also remember to keep them in a separate bag to limit scratching and spills.