Three Tech Travel Items Every Dad Needs

Have more fun on vacation with these gadgets.

Being a dad on a family vacation isn't always all fun and games. They sweat a lot; they're always in a semi-overwatch mode, looking over the family; and they never get to fully relax until the day is done. Making Dad's vacation time a little better isn't that difficult, though. Before the next family getaway, consider some of these items that'll help make him a happier camper.

Canon powershot
Phones are great for capturing spontaneous memories, but nothing tops a great camera kit. | Amazon

Dads love memories just as much as everyone else in the family—maybe more so. The best way to capture memories is via photos and videos. Camera phones will sometimes do the trick, depending on how much work you want to put into producing family content, but, ultimately, a kit with a standalone camera and some gadgets is sure to please him.

Amazon Fire 10
Even parents need distractions on vacation. | Amazon

After a long day of sightseeing, touring and simply being out in the sun, there's seldom much else anyone, let alone dads, want to do than to plop on the couch or bed and relax. Whether that's by watching a TV show, reading a book or even playing some games, there's no better piece of equipment more suited for that than a tablet. No need to worry about unfolding and booting up a laptop; simply unlock the tablet and go.

charging station
Charging stations aid with keeping all devices juiced and organized. | Amazon

If dad's a gadget-head, he might've brought along a lot of gear on this family trip. From a laptop and a tablet to his phone and a personal camera, there's a bevy of tools that could be brought on your next trip. The worst situation you can run into is not being able to charge any of them. So, before your next trip, consider investing in a charging station, to help make sure that, not only is the family fully charged each morning, but so are the devices.