Three Tech Travel Items Every Mom Needs

And they’re convenient to tuck beneath her superhero cape.

Traveling with mom can be a moving, emotionally connecting experience. More than likely, she'll find herself entering mom mode at one point, where she might get overly worried or cautious about a situation—that's just in her nature. So, before your next getaway with Mom, consider helping her with some items that'll make her trip less stressful so both of you can focus on the trip itself.

A device that handles streaming, images and schedules is a premium necessity. | Amazon

At the end of a long day, moms need to relax, too. All that walking, sightseeing and eating under the sun — it takes a lot more energy than it seems. So, when it's time to return to the room or the Airbnb for quiet time, which most moms savor, help her relax by putting all of her comfort media in one place.

A portable battery charger is a must, so having a backpack that stores one is a huge bonus. | Amazon

Moms like to be prepared, whether it's a pack of tissues in their purse or on-the-spot hand sanitizer. When you're traveling, however, it's not always the most comfortable nor is it the most convenient toting along an expensive bag. What she needs is a proper travel backpack that's capable of carrying any of her travel gear, including a laptop or tablet.

canon powershot
Smart phones take great pictures, but lasting family photos require something special. | Amazon

For moms, there's nothing like looking back on memories, whether they're of the family, with her gals or even just during a solo adventure. With the cumbersome nature of true DSLR cameras, though, the most appropriate setups are sometimes not the most feasible. Consider investing in a simple digital camera that gives you all the necessary tools with easy-to-use controls and point-in-click speed.