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Three Travel Organizers That Keep Your Bags And Devices Clutter-Free

Messy cords and cables are a thing of the past—or at least they should be.

Technology has become integrated into almost every aspect of life. Traveling exacerbates this matter of fact by making you take whatever electronics you need for that specific trip in addition to the electronic devices you need for everyday home life. That doesn't make packing any easier—unless you had a way to organize everything. Let us help make preparing for your next getaway worry-free.

Your gadgets and doodads need extra protection. It wouldn't hurt to keep them extra organized, too. | Amazon

There's a couple primary features you should definitely consider, few more important than durability—specifically, how does it hold up to the environment? You never know when your toolkit with all your treasured electronics—your connection to the modern world—will get exposed or accidentally dropped.

Along with gadgets, you have a lot of cables and cords. Those get messier than almost anything. | Amazon

Perhaps you're someone who has a lot of gadgets and accessories and needs to consolidate them into one space. There are travel organizers for that, typically ones that offer double-layer design. These add a center piece to the middle of the organizer, allowing you to make use of two more sides.

The most convenient organizer also stores your essential tablet. | Amazon

Sometimes you need a little extra cushion for your electronics. While more rigid, absolute edges can make conforming to tight spaces more difficult, the added comfort of more protection for your gear is worth it, especially if you're planning a work or pleasure trip that requires a lot of unpacking and repacking.