The Three Types Of Backpacks You Should Consider For Flying Solo

Heading off on your own? Bringing the right bag is crucial.

If you're heading out on your own, you'll need a good backpack with you. Whether you need a carry-on that will let you dodge and weave through an airport, or a pack that can take whatever beating the outdoors can dish out, here are the three types to consider.

Osprey backpack
A great backpack can go from the airplane to the volcano trail and never show the wear for it. | Amazon

For trips where you need the necessities on your back at all times, but nothing else, consider a low-profile backpack. These models come in a few different sizes and can even be part of a matching set with a larger pack, so if you're planning on hiking, it'll clip on for extra space, making it a useful multitasker in your luggage and your best friend whether you're flying out or hitting the road.

Swiss backpack
From your laptop to your professional clothes, a TSA-friendly bag has compartments for everything. | Amazon

If you're a business traveler, instead of lugging around a carry-on, just put it on your back. There are plenty of backpacks designed to keep almost everything you need with you and out of your way, and paired with a suitbag duffel, you can haul a surprising amount of stuff without having to visit the baggage claim. Plus, if you do have to check it, it's built to take whatever the airport can dish out.

OGIO backpack
Even active backpacks will still feature padded laptop compartments for extra safety. | Amazon

Finally, if you're hitting the road via bus, bike, or foot, get a classic backpack. Modern packs in particular are designed with your gear in mind, so that you can store everything from your camera to your laptop and haul it all comfortably on your back. Paired with modern design for maximum comfort, you can go for miles while barely noticing what you've got behind you.