The Three Types Of Wallet Every Man Should Consider For Travel

This accessory is about more than keeping your money safe.

Wallets are an understated part of a men's wardrobes. They're rarely seen, coming out just before entering a bar or before he's about to pay the bill. Yet, despite their infrequent appearances, wallets are incredibly important. They're like a man's equivalent to a woman's purse, even though women sometimes carry wallets, too. Here are some of the types of wallets you should consider before traveling next.

venture wallet
For the ultimate in protection, some wallets aren't meant to go in your pocket. | Amazon

The joys of travel are mostly unmatched by many other wonders in life, but that can also be said about its woes. As tourists, when you're traveling in a foreign country, you sometimes make yourself the target of thieves who prey on unsuspecting travelers. That's why it's important to make sure your most important valuables, from your ID to your credit and debit cards, are protected.

Fossil wallet
There's nothing quite like a vintage wallet that looks like it's been in your pocket for decades. | Amazon

Traveling brings with it unsuspecting situations. Wherever you go, whether it's a unique spot in the city or somewhere lush in the countryside, you need to be prepared for any environmental situation. Bring with you a wallet that you're not worried about getting dirty or damaged. At least that's one less worry to have on your mind when you're traveling.

buffway wallet
Many travelers love to keep everything minimal. | Amazon

If you're backpacking and have somewhere secure to place your wallet, perhaps a minimalist wallet is the way to go. These are slim, easily accessible items that you can slip out at a moment's notice without the cumbersome nature of unfolding a wallet and stuffing it back into your pocket. These minimalist wallets are typically durable, too, protecting your cards from unwarranted scans and physical factors.