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The Best Toiletry Bags For Couples

You’re sharing a bathroom, might as well share your kit, too.

Every couple is different when it comes to their grooming routines. And if space is at a premium, you'll both be sharing a toiletry bag. Using the right one will keep you organized, clean, and most importantly, happy.

BAGSMART Toiletry Bag Travel Bag with Hanging Hook
Don't clutter your countertop when you can keep everything off to the side but within arm's reach. | BAGSMART

The more space the better, especially if one of you does more grooming than the other, or you need to bring primping gear for a big event.

Buruis Extra Large Capacity Hanging Toiletry Bag
Two people means twice the supplies, so make sure to pack accordingly. | Buruis

Most toiletry bags have an "origami" design where they unfold, so look for one that best suits both your needs for both space and accessibility.

TRAVANDO XXL Toiletry Bag for Women
Just as packing cubes keep our specific types of clothing organized, you'll want to keep everything properly sorted here. | TRAVANDO

Toiletry bags deal with a lot of spills, so get something waterproof that won't absorb that broken cologne, like nylon or polyester.

SWISSGEAR Toiletry Bag and Cord Organizer
Quick trips require minimal gear, so combine needs in one kit. | SWISSGEAR

Some toiletry bags double as electronic organizers, perfect if you're looking to keep both in your carry-on and want to save space.

42 Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag
You never know what kind of bumps and bangs your luggage might experience, so make sure everything inside is extra safe. | 42 Travel

Especially if it'll be hopping between your checked bag and your carry-on, get the lightest toiletry bag you can.