What to Look for in Travel Fitness Gear

Start with the basics and never worry about missing a workout when you’re on vacation.

Even if it’s just a good pair of running shoes, you shouldn’t neglect your workout because you don’t have space in your bag.Shutterstock

Going out of town or even leaving for just a weekend doesn’t have to interrupt your fitness routine. Keep in shape with these essential items for all travelers looking to take the gym with them.

It Starts with the Bag

Gym bags are built to handle the burden of daily workouts, so that means they’re great for travel, too.Amazon

Wherever you travel, bags and suitcases are necessary. The perfect travel fitness bag can carry your clothes and small workout gear like resistance bands and can also serve as a carry-on item or a personal item when you get on the plane.

There’s Always Wide-open Space

Running is always the best exercise, especially if it is done on a beach or forest trail.Amazon

No matter where you visit, there will always be opportunities to go on a run. Having the right pair of shoes to take care of your feet will not only make your runs more enjoyable, but they’ll also help prevent injury so that your vacation can continue without any hiccups.

Keep it Clean

Towels that are designed for fitness are way better than those you’ll find at the hotel pool.Amazon

Yoga mats are versatile gym equipment that help you improve your flexibility and core strength, and, if needed, simply is there to separate you from the floor of your hotel room while you do push-ups. No matter where you go, having a portable yoga mat will help you keep your body in top shape.