Travel Healthier With Three Basic Items

Your carryon gear should always include a few of the most basic products for good hygiene.

Crowded airports, stuffed airplanes and jam-packed cruises are among the most vulnerable places when it comes to germs and other things we don't want near our bodies. Stay healthy and enjoy your trip to the fullest by taking along some health-empowering basics.

A quick spray pump will keep your hands clean without the need for a towel. | Amazon

Even when you're not traveling somewhere, sanitizing your hands is always a good idea. There are germs everywhere you visit, from the local coffee shop to the shopping outlets. Stay sanitary with your own personal hand sanitizer.

Vitamin C
The right daily dose of Vitamin C is necessary, whether you're traveling or not. | Amazon

Most people enjoy candy. While healthy vitamin tablets may not be the same as candy, they still make improving your immune system a little bit more of a joy.

All parents know how valuable wipes are. It's a fact of life. | Amazon

Wherever you visit, you're likely to be using some form of public transportation. Considering how many people have sat in your seat, it's best to usually wipe down your environment ahead of departure, just to be safe.