Check Out Birds, Beaches And Boats With These Great Travel Monoculars

It’s time to appreciate a new, better view.

The monocular (aka the telescope) has been a travel companion ever since we could grind lenses. And while we may not be boarding a man o' war to take on pirates, monoculars are still a traveler's best friend. Here's what to look for in the best.

zeiss monocular
When you're looking for landmarks or simply appreciating beautiful views, you want a monocular that offers a crisp shot. | Amazon

The smaller the better but remember that quality in a small package means higher cost with lenses.

When you're really off the beaten path, your accessories need to be ready to take a bump. | Amazon

If you're going to be taking your monocular into the woods, get the most rugged version available, particularly with rubberized or textured exterior to limit slipping.

solo monocular
Never underestimate how important it is to have an adjustable eyecup. | Amazon

Ease of use is important too: Make sure that controls like the focus ring are simple to understand and use, especially in inclement weather.

What can't your smart phone do? | Amazon

If you're going to be snapping pics of the local wildlife, look for a monocular with a smartphone mount that attaches quickly and easily.

pirate scope
Who doesn't want to feel like a pirate every now and then? | Amazon

And hey, if it comes down to it, there's no reason you can't go full pirate and have a little fun.