Three Travel-sized, Reef-safe Sunscreens that Will Protect Your Skin

When you can help yourself and the environment at the same time, it’s a no-brainer.

Keeping your skin safe at the beach is a top priority, but you need to think about how you affect the environment as well.Shutterstock

With the current condition of barrier reefs, it’s important for swimmers, beachgoers, divers, snorkelers and any other water enthusiast to do their part in preserving the oceanic world. Here are some of the best sunscreens that are environmentally friendly.

Strong and Compact

The most important thing to remember is to reapply your sunscreen after an hour of being in the water.Amazon

The value of sunscreen can’t be forgotten. It lets you stay out in the sun for longer, protecting you from sunburn and skin cancer.

It’s Not Just Your Skin

You can’t forget to take care of your lips either.Amazon

Moisturizing sunscreen is great, too. Each person reacts to the sun differently, so, when the sun makes your skin dry and flakey, find a sunscreen that protects and hydrates.

Minimize the Mess

A lotion stick eliminates concerns of messy, sticky hands.Amazon

All-natural sunscreens are great because you know you’re not getting unnecessary chemicals that could be harmful to your skin and body. Gone are the days, too, when you have streaks of white all over your body.