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Three Gadgets That Will Make Travel Stress-Free For Kids (And Parents)

Moms and dads won’t want to leave home without the right gear.

Traveling with little ones in tow is easier than ever thanks to a variety of savvy products designed to keep kids safe and occupied, whether on a flight or during long car trips. This way parents can focus on what's really important—keeping devices charges and juice boxes stocked.

Keep Everyone Occupied

Kids with stay happy, engaged, and content with a multipurpose travel tray that functions as a mess-containing space to eat snacks and meals, a dry-erase board, and tablet stand to keep electronics securely in place. Made from some of the sturdiest, most durable "toddler resistant" materials, this tray will last for years and cleaning is as easy as a few wipes of a damp cloth. Your ears—as well as fellow passengers, for that matter—will thank you.


Transforms Your Car Seat

Never again spend money to rent a pricey car seat or stroller while far away from home, when you can bring along your own by strapping it securely right onto your luggage. Installation is quick and easy, by simply adjusting the length of the belt to ensure a snug fit around your rolling luggage. Perfect for babies and toddlers alike, you'll never want to leave home without it.


A Compact And Portable Booster

When traveling with a car seat in tow is just not an option, a portable, fold-up booster seat fits snugly in a purse or backpack. Designed to keep kids safe ages four and up, this is the ideal solution for carpooling, rentals, taxis, Lyft, and Uber—as well as other instances when a traditional car seat wouldn't be feasible. This way, your kids will stay safe no matter who they're driving with.