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Treblab's HD77 Portable Wireless Speaker Cranks The Vacation Volume To 11

What’s better than big sound from one compact device? Big sound from two, of course.

With great technology comes great dilemmas. For example, what happens when I have too many essential devices for my luggage? At some point my weekender backpack will have as many movie projectors, speakers and battery chargers as pairs of walking shorts, and I need at least two pairs of my Jack O'Neill Coastal Shorts to feel at ease.

The problem, though, is that I also need two speakers. That's because the Treblab HD77 has spoiled me. For starters, it is already the best Bluetooth speaker in my growing collection—especially in terms of price compared with performance—and it is also a perfect size for any type of travel bag, from your weekend duffel to an oversized expandable roller bag. It actually slides right into my Nike running shoes, which is also convenient because now I will be bringing two HD77 speakers with me.

Why Do You Need Two?

You don't need two, as one of these 25W speakers, with the 360-degree HD sound, is more than powerful enough to keep you tapping your toes within your private pool cabana, on your own special piece of private beach, or in the comfort of your own backyard. But what I truly love about the HD77 is how I can pair a second speaker with the first and double the sound. 


(This is especially great for Sunday Funday pool time at grandma and papa's house, when the adults need something to drown out the shouts and egregious popsicle demands of three young children. Just put one speaker in each corner of the pool deck, and voila! Everyone can hear the awesomeness of my phenomenal 80s and 90s rap playlist.)

Pairing speakers is hardly a new revelation, but the HD77′s price makes it easier to afford two devices. Keep in mind that the battery can last up to 20 hours without recharging and this speaker is a true bargain.

But is it Built to Last?

Yes, and as much as I love being able to pair two speakers for the sake of creating an amazing backyard sound bubble, in which everyone can enjoy listening to "My Adidas" several times, my favorite thing about these speakers is how well they're built. As I mentioned in the Islands Summer Gear Guide, there's just something about the size and simple button format that also made this my four-year-old son's favorite wireless speaker, so I was immediately concerned for the device's well-being. The boy has a severe case of loving to throw and drop anything, AKA being a child.


But you can feel the durability of the shockproof body just by picking up the HD77 and tossing it around in your own hands (you'll be tempted to throw it because it is sort of shaped like a football). Additionally, the speaker is IPX6 water resistant, which means it can resist high pressure and heavy water spray. You know, like children practicing their cannonballs. 

It just can't take being submerged, so don't let little hands find it near the pool. Or else you'll quickly be back to one speaker.