Treblab’s HD-Max Delivers Big, Bold Backyard Sound

When you’re chilling by the pool and just want to enjoy your favorite jams, this is your boombox.

February 22, 2021
The Treblab HD-Max cranks out big sound
For backyard lounging and poolside partying, this boombox was created for those about to rock. Treblab

When it comes to packing for a weekend getaway or even a weeklong jaunt to our favorite Caribbean spots, we consider a portable Bluetooth speaker to be an essential accessory. They’re small, affordable and, most importantly, they provide the soundtracks of our lives when we’re lounging by private pools and on secluded beach spots. Some models even serve as backup power banks, and you can never have too much battery. So, if you have a little extra space in your bag, we’ll always endorse filling it with a speaker.

The Treblab HD-Max is not that speaker, though. This boombox is closer in size to a bazooka than it is a soda can, and with that difference also comes a substantial gap in performance and power. For pool parties and backyard lounging, this is our top choice, but it’s hardly just for the sound alone.

What Sets this Speaker Apart?

The HD-Max was designed to do a little bit of everything, but let’s start with how well it brings the noise. There are three sound modes—indoors, outdoors, and “Bass Boost”—that allow at-home DJs to dictate where the day will go. The indoor mode is great for when you want something a little more than your phone or computer speakers without rattling the windows, while the outdoors mode is a little louder without sacrificing sound quality, making it ideal for everything from moving your remote work to the patio or enjoying your favorite songs while lounging in the hammock. It goes without saying that the “Bass Boost” option is for those times when you have people over and things might get a little crunker than usual.


Next, it’s about the little things. If the pool is splashing, rest assured that the IPX6 water-resistance will keep the speaker safe. Not that safety is much of an issue, given that this thing was designed to take bumps and worse. Also, if you prefer huge sound and double the bass, you can pair a second HD-Max speaker for serious surround sound action.

What Do We Love the Most?

As much as we love sound, we’re also big fans of power, as in how long can the party go with this speaker? Try 20 hours at half volume, and, if you’re Andrew W.K. or Lil Jon, five hours at full volume. Of course, both of those numbers take a hit if you’re taking advantage of the power bank, but when you’re on a road trip to a secluded state park campground or a nice slice of beach that the tourists don’t know about, keeping your phone charged is just as much a priority as jamming out to Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 6,377.

Some Must-have Accessories

A great speaker is only one aspect of a perfect day by the water. Make sure you have the other essential items for maximizing your musical experience.


Anker 6-foot Lightning Cable

Anker cable for charging and data transfer
Durability is always key for your cords, but especially when you’ll be using them outdoors. Anker

If you’re charging your phone while it provides the music for your lazy afternoon, make sure you have a lightning cable that is long enough for you to reach over and see whose email you are about to ignore.

Yeti Hopper

Yeti Hopper cooler
Keep the drinks cold and within an arm’s reach. Yeti

Lounging away a lovely Saturday? Fill your best cooler with ice and delicious drinks so your trips in and out of the house.

Best Choice Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair

Lounging in comfort thanks to the Best Choice chaise lounge
Any hammock will do, but why not treat yourself like royalty? Best Choice Products

If relaxation is the goal, then you’ll want to take your lounging to a new level. Keep the sun out of your eyes while you sway the day away. That is, if your eyes are even open.


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