Devices That Turn Your Smartphone Into A Movie Camera

With the technological advancements made to mobile computing devices over the past decade, practically anyone can now create stunning, motion picture-quality films using just their smartphone. But for those who want to get serious with it, accessories such as handheld gimbal stabilizers, built-in microphones, LED lights, and field monitors can help you take your movies to the next level.

All-In-One Tools

Tap into the ability to spontaneously rotate your phone 360 degrees while filming, with a gimbal stabilizer that boasts a newly-developed "inception" mode—perfect for capturing smooth shots even while cycling, skateboarding, or navigating rough terrain. Other features such as slow motion and time-lapse recording, beauty retouching, panorama, and panning mode provide for an above and beyond filmmaking experience.

Relieve Fatigue on Long Shoots

Create high-quality video with a handheld grip that features a built-in stereo microphone and LED lights, designed to work with a variety of devices including smartphones, GoPro cameras, and other personal recording devices. Combining both audio and video functions can alleviate less than half the weight of traditional recording equipment, which tends to be heavy and bulky.

Mount, Power-On and Go

Both beginner and experienced filmmakers alike will enjoy gyroscopic stability with remarkable precision by using a lightweight motorized gimbal that allows for extended stable video footage, complete with dual Movie and Sport modes. Weighing just one pound with a sleek folding design, you've got a perfect option for traveling and bringing along on vacations.