Unwrapped Life’s Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are a Mess-free Must-have

Cut down on leaks in your toiletry bag, and join this company’s effort to eliminate single-use plastic.

December 4, 2019
Unwrapped Life shampoo and conditioner
Unwrapped Life’s shampoo and conditioner bars will last longer than typical travel bottles, and they’re better for the environment, too. Unwrapped Life

This might be less of a product review and more of a personal indictment of how careless I can be with my toiletries. Nevertheless, my travel mantra has always been “Better safe than sorry,” so if you offer me a way to eliminate shampoo leaks and therefore cut down on the number of toiletry bags I’ll buy in my lifetime, you’ve earned a spot in my next bag.

And that was the case that recently led me to try Unwrapped Life’s shampoo and conditioner bars, which are as simple as the name suggests: think bars of soap, but they’re shampoo and conditioner.

Why Change Your Routine?

After spoiling myself with a new toiletry kit, I stocked up on my standard travel supplies, including a mini bottle of shampoo and a small tube of hair gel. Business as usual. Then, I arrived at my resort in Turks and Caicos, unpacked, and there it was—an open cap and a very well-shampooed bag. Imagine if that had leaked into my luggage. The thought still gives me chills.


Amazingly, even after cleaning the bag from that mishap, I had another spill on the return trip. This time it was a new bottle of aloe and the end of another toiletry bag. Yes, it’s probably my own packing problem, but it’s enough to make me try something new.

But Shampoo in Bar Form? That’s Crazy Talk.

That’s what I thought, too, but as with everything you just have to try it. (Except bear fighting. I draw a strict line there.) In all seriousness, aside from my own careless packing, what really drew me to Unwrapped Life’s shampoo bar was the fact that the company is devoted to decreasing the use of plastic packaging. Bars come in environmentally friendly packaging and can be stored in a standard travel soap dish. Huge bonus from the start, and it’s a cause every tropical traveler should believe in.

As for the actual product, again, the application is as simple as a bar of soap, and it didn’t leave my hair dry or flaky. It was just as good as the bottled stuff, but what makes Unwrapped Life so much better is that it lasts between 50 to 75 uses. I get about 10, tops, from a little travel bottle, so these bars offer nothing but positive reasons to try them.


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