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Fishing Gear That Can Go On Vacation And Keep You From Using Rentals

Why pay for rods when you can bring them with you?

Whether you enjoy fishing for the quiet and contemplation, or enjoy it for the fish you land, it's one of the great pleasures of any vacation. However, if you're sick of high rental fees, you don't need to skip the charter: You can simply bring your own gear.

bag set
Don't think twice when you can grab a compact bag set that includes everything you need. | Amazon

Look for a travel rod that can fit multiple types of fishing. There are several different ways to catch a fish, from fly fishing to reel, and they require different gear and rods. Many travel rods are now designed with multiple parts in the kit to make it easy to swap out reels and guides so you're not fishing for trout with gear designed to snag a swordfish.

rod bag
Not having to check your bag is always a plus. | Amazon

A good pole bag is fundamental to any fisherman's kit, and you can easily bring one with you. Especially important for when you're going to be hiking out to a fishing spot, a pole bag will let you assemble everything beforehand, so once you're at the spot you can break out the bait and get to fishing. Also important is one that stows away easily, so you can keep everything in one place.

multipurpose tool
Every fisherman needs a multipurpose tool for when it's time to get your hands dirty. | Amazon

Bring a good pair of fishing pliers with you. Much of the work you do fishing will involve cutting, crimping, or otherwise messing with various bits of metal, and having a sturdy pair of fishing pliers means that you'll be better equipped to clear these problems Look for pliers made from corrosion resistant materials like aluminum and stainless steel, and that any built-in cutting tools can either be easily sharpened or replaced with minimal fuss.