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Three Ways To Keep Your Cold Brew Iced On Long Trips

Hot or cold, you want your favorite beverage to keep its appropriate temperature, especially if you’re flying or driving all day.

Whether you have a drink that needs to stay freezing cold or scorching hot to enjoy it best, a travel mug that maintains the liquid's temperature is the way to go. Let us help you find a travel mug that's fit for you and your traveling needs.

Contigo Steel Travel Mug
Bring it empty and fill it up at your airport's Starbucks. | Contigo

One of the main factors you need to consider when buying a travel mug is its size. This isn't just regarding how much it can hold, but you also need to consider if it'll fit in the spaces you have available while on the road, whether that be a cup-holder in a car or a side pocket on a backpack.

Zojirushi SM-SC60HM Stainless Mug
Some lids are spill proof, but to make sure you don't experience an accident, you need a lid that is fool proof. | Zojirushi

Having a little extra security on your travel mug's lid is a nice convenience because the last incident you want is to have your hot coffee spill everywhere or a cold milkshake to stain your car floors.

Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug
Drop it, kick it, accidentally let it roll off a cliff—your mug should still be just fine by the time you pick it up. | MIRA

Travel mugs are meant to be taken with you wherever you go, whether it's to work, on a weekend getaway or even a 'round-the-world adventure. That means there are more chances to drop or damage your mug, making it imperative that you find a travel mug that's ready to handle all hardships that may come its way.