Why a Great Pair of Compression Socks Belongs in Your Luggage

For fitness or comfort, this is an accessory that should always travel with you.

Compression socks are great for everything from a long run to sitting in cramped airplane seats.Shutterstock

Consider a trip in which you need to pack lightly but also one that has a lot on the itinerary. To be the most efficient you can be with your limited luggage space, your best bet is to find clothes that are suitable for multiple situations. That’s where compression socks come in handy. Let us help you find the best compression socks before your next trip.

Looking Good, Feeling Good

Compression socks don’t have to look like they’re all business.Amazon

When it comes to traveling lightly, even socks can be the difference between squeezing in a more vital piece of luggage or not. Compression socks are durable, and, even when rolling them up, their thin material allows them to be compressed—unlike, say, typical, shin-high basketball socks.

Better in the Long Run

Added potential health benefits include better circulation and pain relief.Amazon

Compression socks are special because they have beneficial properties beyond comfort and looking good. There are also health benefits, like improving circulation to the legs. Not only are you bringing comfortable socks along with you on your next trip, but those long flights sitting won’t be as much of a problem next time.

Not Long for the Look

Compression socks don’t have to take up a lot of leg real estate.Amazon

Compression socks help improve situations involving injuries or any disabling condition. There are ankle compression socks that help with plantar fasciitis pain. These socks also typically take into account that it’ll probably be difficult to put socks on, given a debilitating injury. They’ve accommodated this by implementing a slightly flared relaxed top so it’s easier to slide socks on.