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Why Packing A Wetsuit Will Be Your Best Decision

It simply adds to the fun of an action-packed tropical vacation.

Wetsuits are more than stylish; they're buoyant, protect you against scrapes and cuts, keep you warm, and keep the sun off you. And packing your own when you're going on an adventurous tropical vacation will pay off in more ways than just being able to pick your colors. Here's why bringing your own wetsuit is your best bet.


Personal Touch

You can pick a suit that fits you perfectly. Wetsuits are most effective when they're close to the skin, but since we've all got different bodies, finding the right suit at the rental place can mean choosing the available fit, not the right one. Better-fitting suits means more time outside and on the water.


Protect Your Neck (and Everything Else)

It allows you to pick the suit that fits the accessories and equipment you already own, and to adjust it ahead of time. Fiddling with straps, clips, and fasteners when you just want to get out onto the water is a drag, and bringing your own wetsuit allows you to adjust fits and otherwise square things away on your time, instead of holding up everybody on the boat.


It’s an Investment

Bringing your own suit also saves you time and money. During busy seasons in particular, rental places may quickly run out of your size, and in some places, every season will be the busy season. Furthermore, rentals are just more expensive over the long term, and if you enjoy surfing, boating, or other activities, your own wetsuit pays for itself.