How to Work on Your Golf Game without Leaving Your House

The next time you play 18 on a tropical course, do it with little to no rust.

Looking forward to your next vacation round of 18 or even 9? Of course you are.Shutterstock

Though golf can be considered a leisurely sport, finding yourself in the rough or deep in a bunker can be demoralizing, if not downright frustrating. It’s a sport, too, that doesn’t allow for accessible, cheap practice. But with these home golf practice sets, fine-tuning your game has probably never been easier. Let us help you lower your score with these innovative, practical and fun setups.

Moving Targets

Always remember—be the ball.Amazon

Because it involves integrating another variable, a moving target is almost always more difficult to hit than a standing one. Now, you have to factor in the target’s movement rate, compensating your power or your angle to be as accurate as possible. Good thing there’s a practice setup that fits the bill and can be brought out on a sunny day at the pool.

A Classic Routine

Nobody likes to three-putt.Amazon

Sure, you can get to the green in a hurry, but can you seal the deal? A good start only matters if you finish strong. With the ability to practice at home, you, too, can become a king or queen of finishing.

An All-in-one Routine

Do you know the difference between each type of shot? You soon will.Amazon

When the situation starts to look rough, that’s when practice comes in handy the most. Mastering different escapes from a variety of environments is one way of lowering your score instantly.