The Best Yoga Gear For Your First Vacation

For the ultimate in resort relaxation, make sure you schedule some quality fitness time.

Vacations can be the perfect environment to practice yoga. Whether you're staying at a resort that offers classes—or plan to do some solo work on the beach or in your hotel room or rental—finding some time to get your namaste on can help you work up a sweat and take your relaxation to the next level.

So, when planning your first vacation, you should definitely consider investing in some quality yoga gear to bring along on your travels, and these picks we've laid out here should give you a good start. You may even notice a difference in those golden hour selfies when you're that much happier and more relaxed.

Yogo Ultralight Foldable Yoga Mat
Size matters when it comes to packing, so choose something that takes up very little bag room. | Yogo Ultralight

This foldable, grippy, eco-friendly yoga mat perfect for home, traveling, or outdoor use—origami folding keeps the top clean no matter where you go. When you're finished, simply rinse off in the shower and hang to dry using the attached straps.

U-Pick Cooling Towels (4-Pack)
A hot morning on the beach requires proper attention to your skin. | U-Pick

For instant cooling relief that lasts the duration of your workout and beyond, simply soak these cooling wraps in water, wring out excess moisture, and then apply it to your neck, shoulders, chest, back, or legs. Unlike similar cooling towels, these are chemical-free, so you won't be distracted by any funky odors.

Yoga Blocks and Strap Set
You don't need to have studied in the mountains for a decade to get the best out of this gear. | Yoga Blocks

This seven-piece yoga accessories kit has everything you need for practicing on the go, complete with a travel bag that doubles as a laundry bag after particularly intense sessions. The included foam blocks are a great option for those who don't feel flexible enough to complete some yoga poses on their own.

Peace Yoga Meditation Cushion
Even an expert needs to take a little pressure off certain parts of the body. | Peace Yoga

For beginners and advanced yoga practitioners alike, this cushion helps ease getting up from hard floors, relieves stress on joints, and properly supports your spine during yoga poses. The crescent design makes it easy to tuck your feet closer to your body and reduces lower leg stress during certain poses.

Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Backpack
When you're not messing around, you might as well have a dedicated luggage piece solely for this gear. | Aurorae

Ideal for everyday use or a long weekend away, this top-loading bag was designed to securely hold most yoga mats as well as accessories. Padded and ventilated shoulder straps make it a breeze to carry anywhere your travels may take you.