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Tahiti's 20 Best Overwater Bungalow Resorts

They called this a "test." The Islands photo staff spent more than a month on the Tahitian islands, sleeping in, shooting, and OK, "testing" the iconic overwater bungalows there. After so much work, they determined these 20 as their favorites.

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Home of the only two-story overwater bungalow (it’s really a villa) in the South Pacific. $994-$4,634

Being on Bora Bora’s main island makes money-saving market trips easy. $607-$861

Most epic tuna sashimi ever: The serving platter itself is made of tuna. $785-$1,381

Price says you’re in a hotel. Fish swimming under the couch says you’re not. $432


Jon Whittle

One-of-a-kind snorkeling lagoon is teeming with turtles — a great choice for kids. $740-$1,259

Great family pick. Shallow water around the bungalows and lots of fish in the coral garden. $607-$923

Best Overwater Bungalows in Tahiti | Sofitel Marara

Jon Whittle

Easiest access to mainland adventures, like jeep tours into the historic hills. $1,117-$1,498

Think enormous, as in oversize rooms and piles of Tahitian specialties on the buffet. $1,104-$13,258

A mix of lagoon life and high overlooks. $1,459-$1,743

Complimentary washer and dryer on every boardwalk. They thought of everything. $1,015-$3,365

The exterior is the classic Tahiti picture — long boardwalks and expanses of blue water. $673-$729

So green, no boardwalks. Wish I had the suite overlooking the dolphin lagoon. $475-$690



Lori Barbely

Close to the airport. Great transit stop for late flights or one last fling. $366-$815

Best Overwater Bungalows in Tahiti | Le Meridien

Lori Barbely

For those who want an overwater experience near the civilization of the main island. $690-$717


Jon Whittle

Interior is among the best. Bathtub is so nice I took a self-portrait in it (not shown). $670-$1,173

Smaller bungalows with a hip island vibe (and good price). Great snorkeling at the drop-off. $492-$600

Best Overwater Bungalows in Tahiti | KIa Ora Resort

Jon Whittle

Amazing snorkeling and at the most amazing atoll. $1,204

Best Overwater Bungalows in Tahiti | ISofitel la Ora

Lori Barbely

Beach Rooms are big. Ceilings up to the sky make them even more spacious. $1,239-$1,699


Jon Whittle

Three bungalows on an isolated motu keep this place under the radar. Love it. $696-$795

Best Overwater Bungalows in Tahiti | Te Tiare Resort

Huahine Island

Jad Davenport

Fewer tourists to Tahiti make it as far out as Huahine. Here, Te Tiare is tucked among leaning palm trees and sits in all its luxury next to a snorkel-ready (and quiet) lagoon. $479 - $763


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