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Take Your Nintendo Switch All Over The World With This Travel Gear

Mario and Link deserve a vacation, too, and it doesn’t cost much to bring them along.

Packing a good gaming system can help keep you occupied during those long layovers and unexpected delays. And the Nintendo Switch is a great option given its travel-sized options. But like any expensive electronic, you'll want to make sure you've got everything you need to keep it safe on the road.

Getting the Gear

The Nintendo Switch is a standard video game console that has one advantage over its competitors: portability. While there is a unit that sits on your shelf and hooks up to your TV, it serves as a dock for a removable tablet. Slip the Switch controllers, or JoyCons, onto the sides, and you've got a high-powered gaming device for online and offline play.


Protecting the Screen

Like a smartphone or tablet, the screen on a Nintendo Switch is something you'll want to protect from any bumps or bruises it might incur when traveling. There's no shortage of those designed specifically for a Switch screen, but when shopping, look for something that's durable and easy to install. And won't leave all those annoying air bubbles just underneath the surface.


Pack It In

Having a screen protector is a good start, but you'll want something a little more substantial for the unit itself. After all, nothing will put a damper on your trip more than breaking your Switch. Obviously, that makes durability key. Although it's not a bad idea to make sure the case comes with enough room to store a few different games and SD cards while still fitting snuggly in your carry on.