Taste Of Hawaii: The Best Hawaiian Drinks

You might think of the Caribbean as the cocktail mecca, but Hawaii boasts a surprising number of tasty drinks that are sure to appeal to any island visitor. And, if you're like us, you must check a bag so you can bring a bottle (or two) back home!

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Best Hawaiian Drinks: Maui's Winery Wine
Combining wine and pineapple is as genius as combining chocolate and peanut butter. Maui's Winery produces not one but three wines using fresh pineapple juice. Since I'm a fan of all things bubbly, I manufacture celebratory occasions to have a reason to sip the Pineapple Sparkling Wine. On non-celebratory days, Maui Blanc and Maui Sweet are more than acceptable stand-ins.
Best Hawaiian Drinks: Koloa Rum Company Rum
I don't want to say I drink a ton of rum, but let's be honest, I drink a ton of rum. When I heard that a distillery on Kauai was cranking out its own version of liquid heaven, I was skeptical. How good could a Hawaiian rum be? Two bottles later I've found a new favorite: Koloa Rum Company. Seriously, this is great stuff with a refined smoothness that almost makes it a crime to use in a mixer. However, if you do decide to make a dark 'n' stormy, you'll not only find it to be the best you've ever had, but you're also uniting two different oceans with one delicious treat. I tasted (drank profusely) both the dark and the spiced varieties, and both hit the highest mark of digestive excellence. Raise a glass. Or 10. And invite me over.
Aloha, Comrade. Not what you were expecting? Me either, but Hawaiian Vodka does a surprisingly good job putting a Pacific spin on a Russian classic. Smooth and delicious, the traditionally flavored (but lava-rock-filtered) vodka tasted perfect with a little dash of tonic, and even better all by its lonesome.