Taveuni What is known for

December 5, 2006


Lavena, a charming village located on the southeastern coast, just a few miles beyond the turnoff to Bouma Waterfall, is also home to the island’s best beach, which has fine snorkeling just offshore and a long coastal path that leads to stunning views.


Swim down about 20 feet, enter a tunnel, and follow it down 90 feet through schools of goggle-eyed fish to another opening. Swim out, turn around, and gaze down 200 feet farther along the face of a wall carpeted with soft corals. At this depth they give off a pale, whitish-lavender glow – hence the name Great White Wall, one of the most famous dives in the South Pacific.


Bouma Waterfall is actually three falls located just a short hike from Bouma village. The trail has some steep parts, and you have to ford a creek along the way, but a swim in the pool beneath the falls is an unforgettable payoff.


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