This Man Won An Entire Private Island Resort For $49

Why aren't we ever this lucky?

An Australian man won the entire Kosrae Nautilus Resort, a 16-room resort located on a private island in the Pacific, with just a $49 raffle ticket. If that's not luck, we don't know what is.

Owners Doug and Sally Beitz didn't just want to sell the resort to the highest bidder, and instead set up a raffle for one lucky winner to claim it all, since their new plans in life include "being professional grandparents." The winner, only identified as Joshua, gets the entire debt-free property and the Beitzes plan to show him the ropes when it comes to running an island resort.

But it shouldn't take too much time. Their website claims it's a turn-key operation with no experience required: "Most of the current, local staff has worked at the resort for many years. With their knowledge and skill, you will need very little supervision."

Sounds like a dream gig to us. Perhaps Joshua will return the favor one day? (Fingers crossed.)

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