44 Thoughts Everyone Has At The Soggy Dollar Bar

If you’ve been to the famed Soggy Dollar Bar in the British Virgin Islands, these thoughts have probably crossed your mind.

To get to the Soggy Dollar Bar in the British Virgin Islands, you'll most likely swim up from a boat anchored in White Bay. (The wet dollars from patrons are how the bar got its name after all.) Here are a few thoughts you'll probably have when you visit this beach bar and sample its famous Painkiller drink.

Woohoo, there it is!

Wow, we're anchoring pretty far out.

Really far.

Can I swim that far?

Yeah, I can swim that far. I think.

Hopefully my money won't fall out of my bathing suit.

But it's definitely gonna be a little... soggy.

Right, here we go.

Look at me swimming like Michael Phelps!

2020 Summer Olympics here I come!

How much further is it?

Okay, maybe the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

swimming, swimming, swimming...

Soggy money still safely in my suit!

I'm still not to the shore yet? Yeesh.

I'll just watch the Olympics on TV instead.

Oooh, I can touch bottom!

Totally walking the rest of the way.

I earned at least six Painkillers with that swim.

Hello, cute bartender!

Here's my soggy money, handsome.

Painkiller in hand, chair in the sand.

I could get used to this.

Another Painkiller, please!

Oh look, they have a little store.

I totally want the sticker that says "Naked in 0 to 3.2 Painkillers."

But how would I get it back to the boat?

The store has ziplock bags. Genius!

Take my soggy money, please!

And one more Painkiller while I'm at it.

Whoa, check out that yacht!

It's even got a dinghy.

(Hehe, dinghy.)

They didn't have to swim in. Lucky!

But is it really Soggy Dollar if your money isn't soggy?

I'll just sit here and self-righteously sip my Painkiller knowing I had the authentic Soggy Dollar experience.

Hmm, my cup's empty. Bartender, another!

I've got sand in my suit, maybe I should just take it off?

I should probably just take it off.

Time for another Painkiller?

Time for another Painkiller.

What do you mean I have to swim back to the boat?

Time to make friends with the dinghy people!