Tobago Beaches: Where to Relax

May 16, 2012
Beach - Tobago Pigeon Point

Tobago Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago On the Tobago: Where to Relax list.

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Beaches abound on Tobago. See the interactive map below of some of the highlights, plus Tobago’s official beach list and the beach that gets more rave reviews than any other.

Pigeon Point
Besides avid Caribbean travelers, both ISLANDS magazine and Caribbean Travel + Life magazine rave about this famous beach on Tobago’s Crown Point. As ISLANDS says in its ranking of Pigeon Point as one of the world’s best beaches, “If you’ve ever seen a Tobago brochure, you’ve likely seen Pigeon Point. Yet this beach still seems undiscovered.” Caribbean Travel + Life says, “We dare you to find a more picturesque beach than this, its white-sand coastline edged with a procession of cascading palms, the water a smudge of lime green, aqua and turquoise, the sky a smear of powder blue.”


More Crown Point beaches:
Store Bay, Sandy Point

From Buccoo to Plymouth:
Buccoo Reef, Mount Irvine Bay, Nylon Pool, Stonehaven Bay

Leeward coast:
Castara Bay, Englishman’s Bay, Parlatuvier


Windward coast:
King’s Bay, Speyside, Batteaux Bay, Man o’ War Bay


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