Tobago Diving and Snorkeling: The Best Sites

Tobago fish

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Tobago is a special place to dive and snorkel, not just because of its rich diversity of sealife and underwater attractions. Dive experts also rave about the friendly dive operators that are especially helpful in showing scuba divers and snorkelers the best dive sites around Tobago. Diving here is good year-round, with average water temperature in the low 80s. Here are some of the best places to dive on the north and south shore.

Buccoo Reef
Jacques Cousteau once rated this reef the world's third most spectacular. See it from a glass-bottom boat or jump in with your snorkel mask to get a better look at brain coral, angelfish, blue chromis and even manta rays.** **

** ****Flying Reef
**If you're an especially experienced diver, try the drift diving here off the southwest corner of Tobago. Sponges and pelagics cavort in this area where the Guiana Current rushes by.

Coral Gardens
This site leads divers to the "World's Largest Brain Coral," a behemoth organism off the northeast coast that must be seen to be believed. All manner of sponges -- tube, rope, barrel, encrusting -- create a dense and colorful patchwork here with eels, French angelfish and other creatures investigating for themselves.

Japanese Gardens
This drift dive can really get your heart pumping as you zip off Little Tobago island and into the don't-worry-about-the-name Kamikaze Cut.** **

**London Bridge Rock
**Colors explode here with the schools of reef fish at this St. Giles Island arch.

This was at one time a large car ferry, 350-feet long, that was scuttled about 15 years ago to create this artifical reef. It rests just 100 feet off of Mount Irvine Point, covered in purple, yellow, white and red sea life, plus neon-orange sponges. You can see the open wheelhouse, smokestack and more.

The Sisters
Find your way along the five steep walls of five rocky islets to get a glimpse of hammerheads.