Tobago At A Glance

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Tobago is one of those islands that crop up in conversations about places reminiscent of the West Indies decades ago. Just don't confuse it with Trinidad, the sophisticated, high-energy other half of this twin-island nation deep in the southern Caribbean.

Tobago, in fact, is where Trinidadians go for holidays – a slow-paced, tranquil island of natural wonders. The lush tropical rain forests (and savannahs and wetlands) have an amazingly diverse plant and animal life (including more than 600 butterfly species), thanks to T&T's proximity to South America. Giant leatherbacks nest at Stonehaven and Courland beaches, and the skies are filled with birds throughout the year. Offshore, the pristine, coral-rich reefs of a new marine park near Speyside are no less bountiful – and have turned Tobago into the leading dive destination of the southeastern Caribbean.

Development has been slow to come to Tobago (although golfers will find a new Jack Nicklaus-designed course), but for now the island is still an island of goat races, hidden beaches, and endless natural charms.