Top 10 Private Islands For Sale From $200K And Up

Empty beaches? Yes. Private resorts? Even better. Your own island? Now we're talking. If you've ever dreamed of buying a private island of your own (who hasn't?), these 10 picks from Private Islands magazine, ranked from affordable to aspirational, are a good place to start.


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10. Kastawei Island, Vanuatu: $199,000

Kastawei Island may be just less than an acre in size, but this little piece of real estate has a natural bay that's perfect for a boat — and some of the prettiest water we've ever seen.

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9. Tahifehifa Island, Tonga: $370,205

Just beyond the surrounding reef, you can spot whales in the water — while standing on your own beach.

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8. Pink Pearl Island, Nicaragua: $500,000

Besides your own tropical paradise, the purchase of this island also comes with three thatch bungalows (your new home) and a speedboat (appropriately named The Black Pearl) to take you to the mainland — if you ever decide to leave.


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7. Motu Opuou, French Polynesia: $742,886

This might be the perfect island. Flanked by two larger islands, Motu Opuou is protected from winds, and a barrier reef offshore keeps the lagoon water crystal clear.

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6. Pelican Cay, Bahamas: $2,500,000

Yep, you can own 3 acres of pure bliss on this Bahama island. During the day, go snorkeling at the reef, and at night, curl up in your private one-bedroom bungalow under the coconut palms.

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5. Bannister Caye, Belize: $2,500,000

This 2.8-acre island is currently leased out as cruise-ship stop, where lucky guests can enjoy snorkeling or hanging out on the floating trampoline. But when it's all yours, the only guest you have to please is, well, you.


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4. Dumunpalit, Philippines: $3,400,000

Dumunpalit also goes by Turtle Island, a nod to the 150-plus-foot-high volcanic towers that resemble fins flipping through the turquoise waters.

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3. Portofino Caye, Belize: $4,500,000

Get the whole fam to pitch in for this Caribbean island. With three villas, separate staff quarters, an open-air palapa (perfect for family gatherings), six gazebos, commercial-grade kitchen facilities, a secluded plunge pool and a private marina, you'll have all the space in the world to stay as close (or as far away) as possible.


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2. Manuhangi Atoll, French Polynesia: $8,667,003

Who needs a private pool when you can have a private lagoon surrounded by a coral reef?

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1. Saddle Back Cay, Bahamas: $12,995,000

Saddle Back Cay is named after the saddle shape of the island. Want to see it for youself? The island boasts a killer 360-degree view from one of the highest points in the Exumas. When you feel like coming back down to sea level, a hidden sandbar that appears with the rise and fall of the tides is the perfect place to feel grounded again.


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