Top 10 Puerto Rico Beaches

Editor’s Note: Some of the information below may be out-of-date. Puerto Rico was heavily impacted by Hurricane Maria. Please visit for updates.

For a quick and easy getaway, Puerto Rico is a no-brainer. With direct flights from 20 U.S. cities, and no passport needed to gain entry for U.S. citizens, traveling to the island is a breeze. Plus, the island's rich culture will make you feel like you've traveled somewhere exotic, even though you're still on U.S. soil.

With 270 miles of coastline and several out islands, Puerto Rico beaches are hard to beat. Expect world-class surfing in Rincon, reefs teaming with marine life off the coast of Culebra, and prime sunset views in Aguadilla to name a few. It's no wonder that many Puerto Rico beaches consistently rank among the best in the world.

Whether you’re looking to surf, snorkel or sunbathe, here are the best Puerto Rico beaches to visit.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches: Icacos
IcacosHolly Wakefield


You'll have to hire a boat to get to this small island off Puerto Rico's east coast, but the trek is worth the effort. In Fajardo, book a private boat, or opt for a group catamaran snorkel tour. Icacos is serene and secluded — you'll feel like you have your own private island for the day. Be sure to bring your own shade, snorkel gear, food, and drinks.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches: Flamenco Beach
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Flamenco Beach

Take a day trip to the island of Culebra, where Flamenco Beach is the most popular spot. It's easy to see why: The crystal-clear shallow water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. You'll see a variety of fish, coral, and even an occasional sea turtle. Plenty of facilities and food stalls make it a great beach to laze the day away.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches: Domes Beach
Domes BeachHolly Wakefield

Domes Beach

This popular surfing beach near Rincon is set between the lighthouse and the domes of an inactive nuclear plant, hence the name. Watch the surfers or walk the trail to nearby Spanish Wall Beach. In the winter months, Domes Beach is a prime spot for whale watching.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches: Playa Caracas
Playa CaracasCourtesy Vieques Tours

Playa Caracas

Also known as Red Beach, this strand is located on Vieques, a small island 8 miles off Puerto Rico's east coast. Within Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, this unspoiled beach doesn't offer many facilities, save a few picnic gazebos and barbecue grills. Bring an umbrella, a chair and your favorite book and spend the day amid the gorgeous scenery.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches: Luquillo Beach
Luquillo BeachShutterstock

Luquillo Beach

Located near El Yunque National Forest, this beach is the perfect afternoon stop after a morning spent hiking the rain forest. It's one of the best beaches for swimming on the mainland of Puerto Rico. Rent a kayak or try out flyboarding. Luquillo is also famous for its food kiosks. With an array of local street food, you won't go hungry at this beach.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches: Isla Palominos
Isla PalominosShutterstock

Isla Palominos

Palomino Island is a beautiful private island off the east coast of Puerto Rico. The island is reserved for guests of El Conquistador, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, but day passes are also available. Palomino's smaller sister island, Palominito, was used as a backdrop in the movie * Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides*.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches: Isla Verde
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Isla Verde

Lined with resorts ranging from budget to high-end, this is one of San Juan's most popular beaches, drawing both tourists and locals. If you're looking for nightlife, this is the place to be — many of the resorts feature casinos, lounges and nightclubs.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches: Isabela
IsabelaHolly Wakefield


If you enjoy hunting for shells or checking out tide pools you will love Isabela. Located on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, the rocky shoreline is full of sea biscuits, sand dollars, and tide pools. Make sure you wear water shoes and watch out for anemones.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches: Crash Boat Beach
Crash Boat BeachHolly Wakefield

Crash Boat Beach

Located near Aguadilla on Puerto Rico's west coast is Crash Boat Beach. Restaurants, snorkeling, scuba diving, and hanging out with friends are the main attractions here. Grab a drink and relax on the beach to have a front row seat to a breathtaking sunset. If you want to explore a bit more, down the road is another fantastic beach, Playa Las Ruinas, named for its location near the ruins of an old lighthouse dating to 1889.

Top Puerto Rico Beaches: Playa Sucia
Playa SuciaShutterstock

Playa Sucia

Off the beaten path on the southwest tip of Puerto Rico, there is a small dispute over the name of this beach, as some locals refer to it as La Playuela. One thing that's undisputed: it's beauty. TripAdvisor consistently ranks the beach as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Bring sturdy shoes and start your trip at the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. From the top of the limestone cliffs, you'll get a breathtaking view of the beach before the short hike down to enjoy it.

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