Top 5 Favorite Island Wallpapers

Here are some of our most popular images that have been downloaded by our loyal readers — now you can enjoy them on your desktop!

Both the mainland and the outlying islands of this region have proved to be among the most magical. Discover the true heart of this South Pacific paradise. Download Now! Return to Main Page | Ty Sawyer
With so many islands to choose from, it's the perfect location for a tropical getaway. And these stunning blue waters will provide some new adventures. Download Now! Return to Main Page | Jon Whittle
wallpaper_bvi beach.jpg
The waters of the British Virgin Islands are the legendary cruising grounds of the West Indies. Providing plenty of picturesque scenes and lasting memories. Download Now! Return to Main Page | Stefan Radtke
Beyond the luxury resorts, golf courses, beaches and nightlife that Maui is known for. This majestic and tranquil oasis gives travelers the perfect getaway. Download Now! Return to Main Page | Kate Mcredmond