Top 5 Islands For Families

Hey, we're not all destined for the suburbs. These islands just may be the perfect place for the adventurous family to call home. Browse our top 5, then read more about our top pick in the feature Raise a Family on Maui.

St. Thomas, USVI Residency is automatic, and the USVI celebrates all federal holidays plus 11 extras to spend with your family. St. Thomas has a Home Depot, and once you've tiled your kitchen, you can be swimming in Trunk Bay on St. John in an hour. Ferry to St. John for a family of four: $14. Return to Main Page | Thinkstock
The Bahamas The Bahamas offer options: Nassau for urban energy, Abaco for schools, everywhere for beaches and easy U.S. access. "Andros is great for families," says Jeff Birch of Small Hope Bay resort. "Just bring your own infrastructure." Whole fresh conch: $4. Advice on cooking it: $0. Return to Main Page | Thinkstock
****Fiji Rare among South Pacific nations, Fiji allows foreigners to own land. "Life here is about family," says resident Sally Cooper, "picnicking, enjoying time together in the sun." Entry to all-ages ocean-swimming race in the clear, blue waters filled with fish: $16. ****Return to Main Page | Thinkstock
Sicily, Italy Buy olives, cheese, ripe tomatoes and bread at Ballarò open-air market in Palermo. Tour the majestic Madonie mountains with the kids. Picnic on the beach below Cefalù – if no one invites you home. Call that a Friday. A night of babysitting: $40. ****Return to Main Page | Thinkstock