An Intimate Adults-Only Spring Break Experience Awaits At Maui's Plantation Inn

What’s better than escaping to Hawaii for a week of romance whenever you feel like it? Enjoying a discount, of course.

The beauty of the adults-only Spring Break concept is that it can take place whenever we want. It doesn't rely on a school calendar, instead only when we feel like, "You know what? Let's go on vacation." And the whole Spring Break aspect of it can apply to any time of year, because that's the fun of being an adult, right? It's like eating ice cream for dinner or buying a cake from the grocery store just because. But spring is upon us and it's time for a break, so why not be traditional? 


Now, it's just a matter of where, and why not Maui? Hawaii isn't the most ideal spot for a "quick" getaway, but when the bargain is right, there's no reason not to say, "Aloha!" The Plantation Inn is proving this point by providing couples with a little extra incentive to come visit between April and June. And that's on top of the many other reasons like exceptional comfort, modern amenities, and being a very affordable gateway to paradise.

The Deal: Guests who book stays of at least two nights will enjoy a 10 percent discount on rates. That's extra money for travelers who like to do a lot of shopping on their vacations, and this popular bed and breakfast property is a quick jaunt from Front Street and a wide variety of stores and very fun restaurants.
The Time: The offer is valid on stays between April 1 and June 31, 2023. Outside of that window, The Plantation Inn offers the same deal on visits of seven nights or longer, too.