Sheraton Maui Resort And Spa Has The Ultimate Whale Watching Experience

Now’s the time to see these majestic creatures in all their glory.

There's really no bad time of the year for a vacation to Hawaii, but when your goal is to maximize the entertainment and memories, you should be looking for the golden windows. For example, arguably the best time to visit Maui is between December and April, because that's when thousands of humpback whales migrate to the surrounding waters for, well, the same reason the rest of us choose Maui—it's warm and beautiful.


So, when you have the opportunity to enhance the already incredible views at Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa by adding the unbelievable sights of whales breaching, you'd be foolish not to take it. 

The Experience: In addition to oceanfront or Moana accommodations, the 'Kohola in Kaanapali package includes an evening of whale watching from The Sandbar's wraparound lanai, complete with two drinks and binoculars for getting as close as possible, without hopping in the water. A minimum of three nights is required for booking (it's not like you're just hopping in for the weekend anyway), and other perks include reef-safe sunscreen, the resort's beachside S'mores kit, and Hawaii fish watcher ID cards.


The Time: Whale season doesn't last forever, and neither does this deal. Book using the special code YX1 through April 15.