The Watergate Hotel Celebrates The Scandal's 50th Anniversary With A Pair Of Deals

Guests can stay in the infamous Room 214 and even relive the night on a private tour with the original arresting offers.

A long, long time ago, way before every bombshell du jour had "-gate" attached to it, there was simply Watergate. How long ago? Without whipping up one of those "wanna feel old" memes, the granddaddy of all political scandals turns 50 this year, and normally that wouldn't mean much to a tropical travel website, but there's no denying that the hotel at the center of all that drama has whipped up one of the best travel deal concepts of the year.


In addition to two overnight experiences, guests of The Watergate Hotel can enjoy Gaslit-themed cocktails—the Whistleblower, Post Worthy, and Smoke & Mirror—that pay tribute to the people involved with exposing the dastardly plot, and the original arresting officers, John Barrett and Paul Leeper, are even available to give private tours of the one and only Scandal Suite. Room 214 is where E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy were situated as their team of burglars failed to execute the wiretapping of the Democratic National Committee's headquarters. It was also given a new look in 2017 by costume designer Lyn Paolo of the TV series Scandal.

wall art
The wall art stylishly retells the wild story of the scandal. | The Watergate Hotel

The Deals: The "Make Sure the Recorder is Off" experience includes a 50th anniversary welcome amenity, two Gaslit cocktails from The Next Whisky Bar with a Richard Nixon playing card drink ticket, breakfast for two at Kingbird, and the Scandal Suite private tour. But for the authentic experience, the "Cover Up" package lets guests stay in the Scandal Suite while enjoying the aforementioned perks and also receiving a plush "Cover Up" robe as a souvenir.


If only the Howard Johnson hotel hadn't been turned into luxury condos, or else guests there could book room 419 and watch Attack of the Puppet People like Alfred Baldwin was doing when he failed to spot the police arrive.

The Time: These experiences can be booked between now and June 30, 2022.