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12 Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Please The Traveler In Your Life

Something simple, something thoughtful, something thrilling—there’s something here for the wanderer in all our lives.

There's nothing quite like that moment of uncertainty when you've just purchased what you hope is the Valentine's Day gift that puts the biggest smile on your eternal travel companion's face. "Is this the right gift? Did I nail this? Did I miss any signals for a better gift? Time to take it back and start over!" 

Or you simply bypass that moment entirely and are just about to fall asleep in your big, comfy bed when it hits: "Oh no, I forgot a Valentine's Day present!" Been there, done that... a few times.

Either way, with the big Hallmark holiday right around the corner, we have some personal favorites and great ideas for Valentine's Day gifts that will most certainly please your favorite travel partner, whether you're heading out on another adventure soon or not.

Able Carry Thirteen Backpack

It's like we always say: you can never have too many great backpacks. We've already been in love with the Able Carry Max Backpack, which was a staple on most of my trips in 2021, so we didn't need to look far for a smaller yet just as durable bag for those quick trips and romantic escapes. 


The Able Carry Thirteen is made with the same strong X-pac fabric as the Max, but its minimalist style makes it even better for daily use. Think work, beach trips, theme parks, sporting events, etc. Best of all? It comes in bright, beautiful red for this season of love.

Pakt Travel Mug

The geniuses at Pakt have proven that if they have an idea for a product that makes travel easier, they will not only bring it to fruition, but they will make it better than anyone could have imagined. Their Travel Backpack is one of the best bags we've ever taken on vacations, and the Anywhere Sling has become my go-to dad bag for trips to the Magic Kingdom. Even the Pakt Coffee Kit will make you appreciate the nuances of simple life a little more.


So, you'd think that a concept as simple as a travel mug couldn't blow any minds, but those same geniuses have proven us all wrong. The Pakt Travel Mug is as good as it gets when it comes to those epic day trips spent exploring the beautiful beaches, landmarks, and forests of our favorite tropical destinations. Fill it with hot coffee or tea in the morning and try not to be impressed when it's still hot six hours later when you need a little boost.

Soundcore Frames

There was a time that wearable speakers made us make the same face as that meme with the young girl, mainly because some of the styles looked so big and boxy that they just cannot possibly be comfortable. Well, products evolve and companies figure out ways to alleviate these concerns, and Anker's Soundcore Frames are proof positive that wearable speakers can be better.


The classic aviator style works well with anything, from enjoying sunrise cruises around St. Maarten to catching uninterrupted shuteye on the flight home. And with approximately five or so hours of battery life, they're even great for off the beaten path adventures.

Ombraz Dolemite Sunglasses

In 2021 alone, I lost three pairs of my favorite styles of sunglasses—two were sacrificed to Poseidon on boating excursions and one magically vanished when my luggage was inspected in Mexico City. The lessons I've learned include keeping my sunglasses in my backpack and investing heavily in brands that offer "floaters," or pairs that won't sink when you drop them in the ocean.


But then I saw the Ombraz Dolemite Sunglasses and I was very intrigued, because with no arms they're extremely compact and take up very little bag space. The adjustable wraparound cord is super convenient and barely noticeable, and the aviator style again goes with everything. And best of all, for clumsy boaters like myself, they're very easy to retrieve from the water. It always pays to try something new.

Nebula Cosmos Max

At home or the beach villa, everyone loves movie night. Treat it like the real deal with the Nebula Cosmos Max, which is about as close most of us will get to having a real movie theater in our homes. It's not as portable as our other favorite, the Nebula Capsule Max, but with more size comes more perks, including 4K UHD image and 360 degrees of 3D audio. And that's not to say you can't still pack it in a suitcase for the perfect romantic getaway.


While a large wall will do in a pinch, an inflatable screen is also a grand investment for regular movie nights at home. And, of course, you'll need a popcorn maker. 

Le Grand Verre Love Triangle Wine

You might also want to uncork a nice bottle of wine for your movie night, or perhaps just a romantic dinner, and you cannot go wrong with a label that was conceived for this very occasion. Le Grand Verre is a popular, award-winning brand with focuses on diversity and sustainability, and the founders also have a heck of a nose for selecting great wines from independent and boutique creators.


The Le Grand Love Triangle collection features Le Grand Verre Domaine Caylus Rosé in Languedoc, Le Grand Verre Domaine Prataviera Sauvignon Blanc from Elisabeth Prataviera in the South of France, and Haut-Médoc Crus Bourgeois Bordeaux Le Grand Verre Château Peyredon, all in LGV's popular and clever single-serve bottles. The names are a mouthful, sure, but this trio is so good you'll want to sip lightly and savor it all with that special someone.

Snowfox Stainless Steel Cocktail Glasses

Whether you're sitting outside for a movie night or simply enjoying a nice evening at home, everyone deserves to level up their cocktail game. Glass is always fine for your own bar, but at the beach or under the stars you need something a little more durable. The Snowfox Stainless Steel Cocktail Glasses are as durable as your regular metal tumblers, but they're thinner and lighter without sacrificing the important things, like keeping drinks cold.


Best of all, they're designed to prevent condensation, so if your guests use them in the house, you don't have to worry about water rings on coffee tables or furniture.

Portland Leather Tote Bag

No bag is ever just a bag. Even when we're just taking a day trip to the hotel pool or casually window shopping in the shopping districts of St. Maarten or St. Barth, we want to have style and look the part. By name, Portland Leather's Tote Bag is "classic," but there's nothing wrong with an old style when it does everything we need. 


An outside pocket is perfect for the things we constantly need to grab—like a smartphone or keys—and the inside pocket is equally ideal for things we can't lose—also like a smartphone or keys. Just remember which pocket is best for certain scenarios.

Tanoshi Scholar Kids Laptop

Kids deserve a great Valentine's Day present, too. The Tanoshi Scholar was developed with the belief that every child should have access to a great computer at home for the sake of distance learning or just plain old curiosity. And we believe that the best part of traveling with children is giving them the opportunity to learn about other cultures and history, so this is a great, affordable laptop for long flights and downtime in hotel rooms.


Old Town Sportsman Autopilot 120

They say the couple that paddles together stays together. Okay, "they" don't really say that, but adventurous duos will at least appreciate the chance to explore and fish together on the open water with a pair of Old Town Sportsman Autopilot 120 kayaks. With a 12V motor, your arms won't be overworked and can be used for more important things, like reeling in the evening's dinner and gathering wood for a campfire.


BOTE Breeze Aero Classic Teak Inflatable Paddle Board

A pair of kayaks is a tall order for adventurous couples, so those who want to start a little simpler, or perhaps more compact, can still have an absolute blast on the water with the BOTE Breeze Aero Classic Teak Inflatable Paddle Board. Lightweight and incredibly convenient, this board is especially great for beginners who have previously asked, "How hard is it to just stand up" and then immediately faceplanted in the water.


Helinox Origami Tote

Wherever you go, whatever you do this Valentine's Day, if you're going to be outdoors and away from the masses, you're going to need the right bag. A backpack or strong, durable tote are great, but the essential bag is one that serves multiple purposes in addition to simply carrying your stuff. The Helinox Origami Tote is one of the most creatively designed bags and is certain to be a hit with everyone from beach bums to soccer parents.


What makes it so great? The very simple ability to break down from a bag into a spacious mat that can be placed on the dirty grounds of your favorite park, campground, or beach, and since everything you'll need for a picnic or campout is right inside, it's almost like you're a magician who makes an entire evening of fun appear right before that special someone's eyes. Who doesn't love a good magic act on such a magical day?