Best Fall Decorations For Outdoors

When the weather outdoors cools, you know fall is on the doorstep. In many parts of the country, that means falling leaves, pulling out sweaters and the prevalent scent of pumpkin spice beverages and treats. It's also a great time to pull out your fall decorations and get into the spirit of the season. If you're ready for a few new items, here are some outdoor fall decorations we love.

DearHouse 2 Pack Fall Garland Maple Leaf
The orange, yellow, and green hues make for an eye-catching blend of colors to warm up any spot indoors or outdoors. | Amazon

Here in Florida, we don't get to enjoy the changing colors of the season very often – sometimes a palm frond will fall off a tree during a fall storm – so we appreciate this garland of autumn leaves. It comes in nine color combinations in two pieces that are 6 feet each. The leaves are made of durable plastic while the garland stems are made of flexible wire. If you want to see the fall colors in person, we recommend a trip to the Ozarks in Arkansas or Cape Code and Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

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Thanksgiving Decorations Outdoor
These include pointed stakes so they're easy to hammer into the yard. | Amazon

The autumn equinox technically signals the beginning of each fall season. Fall itself has represented different touchstones with varying cultures. To ancient Greeks, it represented the return of the goddess Persephone to the darkness of the underworld. The Chinese celebrated the fall harvest of rice and wheat beginning in the Shang dynasty. In the United States, it means "The Great Pumpkin" will soon visit the "Peanuts" gang. This pair of signs are 10 inches by 33 inches and can fit any fall occasion. They're made of a sold MDF material that won't break or rot in bad weather.

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Clovers Garden Halloween Fall Outdoor Yard Decorations Pumpkin Metal Yard Signs with Stake
No assembly is required. They include rubber metal bumpers if you decide to use them indoors. | Amazon

Ever wonder how pumpkins became a symbol of the fall? Centuries ago, the Irish carved open turnips to place candles in them for their annual fall festivals. When they immigrated to the United States, turnips were replaced with the more-available pumpkins. These metal pumpkins - available in several styles – measure 10-inches to 17-inches high. They're made from a durable, high-grade metal that's waterproof, giving you many years of use.

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pumpkin set
Good luck telling the real ones apart from this set, which can be easily cleaned with a wet rag. | Amazon

What's the best part of a fall pumpkin – the carving, the seeds? Nope, it's probably throwing it all away once it begins to rot on the doorstep. You won't have that issue with this set of seven fake pumpkins and gourds. They're made from a high-grade foam that's nontoxic and odorless along with being lightweight but durable. The leaves are made from a silk cloth and look as vivid as the real thing.

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garland lights
No need to grab an extension cord; these strands are powered by three AA batteries (not included). | Amazon

These LED lights are waterproof, but the battery case isn't so keep it somewhere dry. These string lights are approved for indoor and outdoor use. Use them to accent your back porch, fireplace, small tree or even a bedroom wall. Each strand is 10 feet long and has 20 lights and 10 maple leaves. There are two lighting modes: stay or flashing.

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