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Best Golf Balls For Men In 2022

Before heading to the course, get that extra edge and make sure you have plenty of well-made golf balls.

There are thousands of feet between those little cups, so hitting accurate long strokes is the best way to win. Getting a golf ball that makes the most of your game can be key to a great outcome.

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls (One Dozen)
The unique design of these sends your shots soaring. | Amazon

Did you know that golf was the first game to be played on the moon? If you're playing it here on Earth, you'll want a golf ball that does its best with your swing. While expert golfers can play well with sub-par equipment, the majority of recreational golfers can use all the help we can find. These dozen Distance+ balls can enhance your game with long, straight shots with ideal trajectories. We love the alignment lines to help sink more putts. Set up the ball and make sure to line up with the line, then make your smooth pendulum-like shot with confidence. The low-drag design means this ball flies off the clubhead to get you to the green fast.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
Golfers around the world love the greenside control of this top-tier brand. | Amazon

The first golf balls were made of feathers wrapped in leather. These balls flew much further than the balls that came after. They were used until the mid-1800s, when they began to be made out of wood. Today's high-tech golf balls have a rubber core covered with a thermoplastic resin or urethane. Some even contain titanium. From the tee to the green, these premium men's golf balls by Titleist have what you need to bring down your score. We know you'll appreciate these long-distance golf balls. Enjoy the view down the fairway as your ball flies in a long, straight trajectory toward the cup. The most preferred ball on the men's tour, the softer feel keeps the ball's trajectory true, helping you lay up to the green. Once you're ready to putt, these balls won't roll around the green.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls
Zippy off the tee, these numbers give great trajectory as well. | Amazon

These balls go the distance, and they're going for speed. The dozen speed golf balls by TaylorMade help you bid farewell to worm burners and hook shots. The two-layer balls transfer energy from you to your golfing projectile, giving you long, straight shots from the tee. Maybe you're trying for your first "condor," the rarest golf shot, making a hole-in-one on a par 5. The odds of making one of these is about one in 67 million. About as extraordinary as hitting two hole-in-ones in one game. A soft cover and specially designed core enhance the Rocketballz playability. Great for teens and others learning the game.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls (Package May Vary)
Designed for men have a soft, smooth feel and are crafted for backspin when you want it, and control when you don't. | Amazon

Perfect practice makes perfect. That's why we love these bright white golf balls. Long-lasting, they are easy to spot and last round after round without yellowing. It excels on greens, gives you a great spin on approach shots, and the ball will stick to the green when it lands. Did you know recent rule changes mean you don't have to take out the flagstick when you're on the green? While getting to the hole, if your ball sails off into the wild blue yonder (and perhaps green trees), you not only lose accuracy but also squander that powerful swing. The urethane on the outside of the ball is thinner than you'd find in distance balls, so they have a lower flight trajectory for more accurate shot placement.

Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls 12B PK
Combining the best of fast speed and great control, these are an all-around winner. | Amazon

Did you know the longest putt traveled 375 feet? We aren't saying this package of a dozen white golf balls will help you sink putts, but the innovative cover is made of a special chemical that combines speed, low spin, and control. Plus, the dimple pattern is aerodynamic to lift the ball higher and carry it further. On the inside, the core is crafted of a few substances that give it a soft feel to carry the power from the clubhead to the ball. Maybe you'll even hit an "albatross," (not the actual bird). That's what a score of three under par is called.

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