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Best Golf Balls For Women In 2022

Women’s golf balls are designed to improve our games and scores

Times have changed. Since the advent of the Ladies Professional Golf Association or LPGA, women have transformed the golfing world. With women's tournaments, inclusion of women's golf in the Olympic Games, and ladies' tours with millions of dollars in prize money, it is no wonder there are clubs, clothes, and balls for women to use on the course.

Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls
Great off the tee, these are designed to give all your shots maximum distance. | Amazon

Since amateur ladies drive the ball about 60 miles per hour, and men swing at a much higher speed (about 90 mph), ladies' golf balls are manufactured to make the most of slower impact speeds. The unique design in the core of these balls is soft in the center – much like a Tootsie Roll – and gets harder toward the edge. A soft feel when hitting the ball means your stroke isn't interrupted when making contact, so the ball travels far. With 338 dimples, your shots stay truer, even in wind. Plus it's designed to spin, improving pitches and putts.

Bridgestone Golf 2021 Lady Precept White
With a completely soft core, these provide a completely soft feel for great shot placement. | Amazon

When hitting the golf ball, the timing of transferring your weight is important, as is keeping the head down. Using a soft ball helps ensure your swing stays smooth off the tee and on the green. By giving the ball some give, the club head spends more time hitting the ball, so your shots are longer. Their unique 330 dimpled ball adds loft to your strokes by creating lift right from contact. Lexi Thompson, the youngest golfer to qualify for an LPGA tour event – she was just 12 – uses these golf balls for women, too.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
The rubbery, elastic exterior is ideal for maximum control. | Amazon

The first branded golf ball maker, Titleist, has been at work since 1935 to craft the best golf balls on the course. One technique they use is making a golf ball with different sized dimples. The few larger and many smaller dimples are arranged in a tetrahedral (triangular pyramid) pattern, covering the ball with 388 dimples. This design allows these ladies' golf balls to travel far and fast in the air, but not spin too far on the green or fairway. Speaking of the fairway, women were not allowed on the course until 1811, when women's first round of golf was played.

ACCUFLI Max Soft Golf Balls
Instead of the traditional glossy look, these colorful numbers have a softer look and feel. | Amazon

Not only are golf clubs required to meet certain regulations, golf balls are, too. There are limits to how far they travel and how fast they get there. Also, the balls cannot weigh more than 1.62 ounces and must have a diameter no smaller than 1.68 inches. But the balls can be bright and colorful. That's why we love these turquoise, lime green, fluorescent orange, and magenta golf balls for women. Should you happen to go in the rough, these Easter egg colored balls are simple to identify. The dimple design is aerodynamic, so the ball moves fast and on target. This soft, low-compression ball gives your shots extra loft and distance.

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