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Best Margarita Glasses In 2022

With or without tequila, these glasses are ready to party.

Margaritas are one of the most popular cocktails. In the United States, they rank number one, exceeding martinis, mojitos, old fashioned's, and mimosas. US consumption of tequila also outranks that of Mexico, home of the blue agave plant which supplies the margarita's primary ingredient of tequila.


No one agrees for sure when the margarita was invented. Some say an American socialite named Margarita Sames created the drink for her friends and served it at a party in her Acapulco home back in 1948. Tommy Hilton was a guest, and the story says he liked it so well he began serving it in his hotel bars. Other evidence shows Jose Cuervo using the tagline, "Margarita: it's more than a girl's name" three years prior. Still, a third account insists a man named Danny Herrera first made the drink at his Tijuana restaurant sometime in the 1930s or '40s and named it after a showgirl, Marjorie, which translates to Margarita in Spanish.

Something most people do agree on is the enduring appeal of the margarita. Serve yours up in one of our recommended sets of margarita glasses. From fun and colorful to elegant and classy, these choices will make your occasion and your beverage seem all the more festive.

Amazon Basics Chelsea Margarita Glass Set, 14.5-Ounce, Set of 6
With the traditional wide bowl and tall stem, they'll be great for blended or on-the-rocks versions. | Amazon

The Chelsea set by Amazon Basics brings you the classic look for all your margaritas in this 6-glass set that holds 14.5 ounces in each cup. They're comprised of crystal and lead-free glass with nice clarity to show off all the colors of your different margaritas. Besides the popular original, try some variations like strawberry, mango, watermelon, peach, raspberry, pomegranate, or blackberry. Did you know the world's largest margarita was made in Las Vegas? Crafted to celebrate the Flamingo Hotel's grand opening of their new casino, aptly named Margaritaville, the enormous drink consisted of 8500 gallons and was presented in a 17-foot high tank. It took 60 people and 300 hours to concoct. The drink was called the "Lucky Rita," although we don't know whether anyone hit the jackpot that night or not.

Libbey Cactus Margarita Glasses, Set of 4
You'll feel good knowing the glass content is 100 percent BPA-free and lead-free, and even dishwasher safe. | Amazon

Every drink out of these fun margarita glasses will feel like a mini-party. They come adorned with cactus-shaped stems that are fashioned in solid green and topped with clear bowls. You won't be short-changed in these margarita glasses with their generous 16-ounce capacity. When not filling them up with tequila they can be used to serve accompaniments at your southwestern dinner or brunch. Fill them with guacamole, salsa, or sour cream and they'll look festive on your buffet table. If you've ever wondered why we salt the rims of margaritas, it's the salt that actually makes them sweet. The salt heightens the sweet and sour flavors, subdues bitterness, and enhances the aroma of the drink. You can also replace the salt with white sugar, or garnish with sage or coriander leaves. For the highly adventurous, try some of the most unusual recipes that include ingredients like Sriracha or even chocolate.

Libbey Stemless Margarita Glasses, Set of 6, Clear, 10.25 oz
Lightweight but durable, the composition is eco-friendly and dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. | Amazon

Libbey's stemless margarita glass is both pretty and practical. It has an open design from the bowl of the cup down to a slightly narrower base, so you can fill your glass all the way to the bottom. The sturdier base keeps your cocktail secure and less likely to tip over or break in crowded places. These could also double as an attractive serving solution for individual desserts. Or just fill them with 10 ounces of slushy, blended margaritas with a side of lime. Today's margarita machines were originally inspired by the 7-Eleven Slurpee. Mariano Martinez conceived the idea in the early 1970s as a young restaurant owner in Dallas, Texas. He was having trouble creating the frozen drink in a timely manner. Customers complained their drinks melted too quickly and bartenders groaned they took too long to prepare. Noticing the Slurpee machine in a 7-Eleven store, Martinez revamped a soft ice cream machine into one that could produce slushy, frosty-cold margaritas on demand. The rest is libation history.

48 Packs Plastic Margarita Glasses Cups 12 oz Disposable Colorful Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Party Decoration for Fun Taco Party Supplies, Neon Cocktail Cups, Mexican Theme for Carnivals, Día De Muertos
They come in six different shades – red, pink, orange, green, blue, and yellow. | Amazon

When you're hosting large parties or gatherings, these plastic margarita glasses are your ticket to sanity. Serve up your beverages in the colorful 12-ounce cups that say "fiesta" all on their own. Because they're plastic, you won't worry about anything breaking, and when the party's over simply stash them in the recycling bin. Problem solved. The bright selection works for so many party themes and varied occasions, you're certain to find plenty of uses for them. Besides being a girl's name, the word "margarita" also means "daisy" in Spanish, which could make a fun party decoration and talking point. The margarita has become so popular, it has its own International Margarita Day every February 22nd. There's a World Margarita Championship held annually in Arizona where bartenders vie to concoct their best creations and people vote for their favorite. Not far away from there in Texas, you can get a "fried margarita" that's mixed with funnel cake – a popular treat at Texas fairs. The most expensive margarita ever sold was in Manhattan in 2013, with a price tag of $1,200. It was crafted from tequila that cost $1800 a bottle, and ice cubes from $450 bottles of champagne. To be fair, you got to keep the crystal glass, and half the proceeds went to the charity of the customer's choice.


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