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Best Self Tanners Of 2023

Give yourself a healthy glow with these recommended products

Although tan skin may look healthy, skin darkened by the sun or the tanning bed is actually damaged. Suntanned skin puts you at higher risk for skin cancer, too. Instead, choose a great self-tanner. These products work by adding a chemical pigment that mixes in with your skin, giving you the look of a tan, without risking exposure to harmful UV waves. Here are our favorite self-tanners.

Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Foam | Lightweight, Self-Tanner Foam Enriched with Aloe Vera and Coconut Provides an Even, Streak-Free Tan
Rinse your skin after an hour for a light tan, or wait up to six hours for a deeper tan. | Amazon

Smelling like a day in the tropics, this coconut-scented tanner glides across your skin. With over two people every hour dying from skin cancer, damaging skin by natural or artificial tanning simply is not an option anymore. First, exfoliate your skin with the textured mitt to ensure it's clean and free from lotions and oils. Then, just put the lightweight foam on the application mitt and spread this aloe vera-infused tanner in long smooth strokes.

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
Certified vegan, it even comes in a bottle made from recycled plastic. | Amazon

The natural-looking results from St. Tropez last up to 10 days. Rich and hydrating with jojoba oil, the foam isn't sticky and it doesn't have that typical self-tanner aroma. Nearly 500,000 skin cancers are caused by using UV tanning beds. Make protecting your largest organ – your skin – a priority. Wear sunscreen and self-tan. This tinted mousse starts to develop after four hours and continues to darken for eight hours. The fast-drying formula won't wipe off, so you can dress after just one minute. Streak-free and nourishing, this mousse gives glowing results from day one.

Beauty by Earth Self Tanner Tanning Lotion - Fair to Medium Fake Tan Self-Tanning Lotion for Body, Gradual Tanning Lotion Self-Tanner for Natural Looking Self-Tan, Sunless Tanner Tan Lotion (7.5 oz, Fair to Medium)
Great on olive and fair skin tones, and even sensitive areas like your face, this product has got you covered. | Amazon

Add beautiful skin to your wardrobe with this self-tanning lotion. With more people diagnosed with skin cancers than all other cancers combined, protecting yourself from the sun's harmful rays is more important than ever. The amount of UV rays getting through our atmosphere keeps rising. While tanning before a tropical vacation might seem like a good idea, one session can bring you closer to melanoma. That's why we love this vegan lotion. Infused with organic antioxidant-rich green tea extract, moisturizing organic Shea butter and coconut oil, it darkens your skin and gives you a healthy glow.

Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Self Tanner Mousse - (Ultra Dark) All Natural Sunless Tanning Mousse | Instant Self-Tanning Lotion with Bronzer and Skin Moisturizer (6.7 fl oz)
Each large bottle is enough mousse for 10 to 20 applications. | Amazon

This all-natural formula has no chemicals and nothing to make your skin look like an orange or a yellow M&M. With nearly 10,000 people diagnosed daily with skin cancer, getting your tan from this self-tanner is a smart, healthy choice. Designed not just to deepen skin's appearance, Coco & Eve's Cellushape formulation actually works to give you healthier skin. Made with antioxidants like tropical banana, papaya, coconut, and cocoa, the tanning mousse blurs uneven skin tone and even reduces the look of stretch marks.

Jergens Natural Glow Self Tanner Face Moisturizer, Fair to Medium Skin Tone, SPF 20 Sunless Tanning, Daily Facial Sunscreen, Oil Free, Broad Spectrum Protection, 2 oz, Pack of 2 (Packaging May Vary)
With daily applications, you'll see that healthy glow in just a week. | Amazon

If self-tanning is a new beauty regimen, may we suggest this mild self-tanner with SPF 20. Not only does it protect your skin from everyday UVA and UVB sun exposure, but it deeply moisturizes. The two 20-ounce tubes of skin tanners and enhancers give you a healthy-looking glow from your face to your toes. The light lotion glides right on your skin and is quickly absorbed for no greasy feeling. Choose from fair to medium skin tones, or for olive skin, use the medium to dark self-tanner. With coconut, Vitamin E, and loads of antioxidants, what are you waiting for? Get glowing!