Best Turkey Basters For Thanksgiving

Is basting a turkey really necessary? It depends on how you like your meat and whom you listen to. The theory is that spooning pan juices onto a roasting turkey helps prevent it from drying out. Other experts will say that brining a turkey is the smarter way to prevent a dry bird. If you prefer to baste, here are the basters we recommend.

It comes apart into two pieces for easy cleaning. | Amazon

Americans eat an average of 18 pounds of turkey a year. After Thanksgiving and Christmas, the next biggest turkey-eating holiday is Easter Sunday, when 19 million turkeys are gobbled up. This baster from GoodCook probably looks similar to the one your mom or grandmother used – sometimes simplicity is best. The plastic, two-piece tool is made to hold 11 ounces of juice and comes apart for cleaning.

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This tool creates powerful suction to pull juices from the pan. | Amazon

Don't retire your baster the day after Thanksgiving – basting is a smart technique to use on pork chops, chicken, pot roasts and even seafood. Use to apply melted butter or marinades to your favorite recipes. This tool from Norpro is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees.

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OXO baster
This tool is made built to get hard-to-reach juices. | Amazon

Need a no-fuss way to determine how big of a turkey to get for the family meal? Experts recommend buying 1.5 pounds of bird per person. That will ensure some leftovers. And be sure to allow time for a frozen bird to thaw – at least one day in the fridge for every 5 pounds of turkey. This baster from OXO is angled – which also prevents the baster from rolling off the counter – and has easy-to-read standard and metric measurements on the side.

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JY Cookment
The metal construction stands up to the heat of the meat and juices. | Amazon

What do you do with turkey leftovers? The most popular ways to serve leftover bird is as a sandwich, stew, soup, casserole and stir-fry. But before you start thinking about leftovers, you better focus on cooking your bird. This set includes a stainless-steel baster, syringe needs and a cleaning brush. Throw in a disapproving mother-in-law and it's truly a complete family dinner set.

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