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Himiway's Cruiser Electric Bike Is The Best Way To Tour A New Town

Charge it up and pack it in the back of the truck because this ride will elevate any road trip vacation experience.

Prior to my most recent trip to Curaçao, I wasn't a big fan of group e-bike tours. Guided walking excursions are always fine, and I'm a huge sucker for UTV rides through a national park, but the idea of riding a hybrid bicycle through a busy town made me feel a little uneasy. Not because I'm afraid of being hit by a car, but because I've seen how other tourists ride and I don't want to be partially responsible for a huge traffic jam.

That happened anyway on our street art and historical tour of downtown Willemstad, but my concerns were assuaged when I realized that e-bikes are simply a lot of fun. So much so that when I returned home, I secretly started shopping for one with the hope that I'd convince my better half that the investment was worthwhile. After all, like so many people, I've been working from home for the last two years and counting, so my car barely leaves the driveway anyway. 

"Maybe it's time for something a little more economical for my morning jaunt to ye olde java shoppe," I explained to my expert financial panel of one, and I couldn't believe it when it was met with a cautious yes. And that's the simple version of how the Himiway Cruiser Electric Bike found its way into my daily routine.

Himiway Cruiser Electric Bike
There are myriad important factors to consider when shopping, but this model checks every box. | Himiway

Your needs, your ride

When you begin the quest to find the ideal e-bike, you'll find a variety of styles, sizes, and prices, so the whole process can be a little intimidating—much like buying a car. There are small, foldable models and some that are just a brand name's basic bike with an electric motor attached to it. And then there are the styles that look like they might as well be motorcycles. 


The choice all boils down to what you'll need and use it for, and in my case the requirements were: 1) I need to feel safe and confident, 2) This thing needs to be built to last, 3) The battery better not let me down, and 4) It needs to look good. Chances are I'm only taking this thing for morning coffee, lunch break at the gym, and maybe the driving range if I'm feeling ambitious. So, even as it is a luxury, it has to provide the opportunity to be a daily driver.

Ultimately, I chose the Himiway Cruiser because it checks those boxes, starting with the strong aluminum frame and two fat tires. Just sitting on this e-bike (after a thorough assembly process that'll make anyone feel like an old timey garage mechanic) my sense of confidence was fulfilled. The base is sturdy and the Cruiser seems easy to manage, almost as if it'll stand still while I wait for the light to change. This wouldn't be a concern with a traditional bike, but this weighs 72 lbs. and no one wants their ride to topple at the intersection or on a trail in the middle of nowhere.


The thrill of the ride

No one will blame you if you want to let the e-bike do all the work when you're up first thing in the morning to go grab coffee. The Cruiser's 750W motor allows for a top speed of 25 mph, which is crucial when time is of the essence and you know that "Good morning..." Slack ping is coming right at 9:01 am. 


But when you have time to spare and can ride at your own pace, seven speeds and three riding modes allow you to control how much human effort is necessary. In pure electric mode, the Cruiser can travel between 35 and 60 miles; however, in pedal assist, it can go more than 60 miles before requiring another charge.

This is an investment

Let's not kid ourselves—this is a serious expense. So, when committing to something of this price range, it's important to protect the investment as much as the rider. That means storing it in a place where it won't be bumped and possibly even scratched, as well as charging the battery when the Cruiser isn't in use and maintaining proper tire levels. Himiway is building a reputation for dependability and quality, but these things are a two-way street on something this big.


The Thing We Love Most

I definitely love how the Cruiser looks and feels when I'm riding, but the most important aspect is confidence in battery life. Knowing that a full charge can last as far as 60 miles elicits immense satisfaction, because even though I haven't taken it far from my neighborhood just yet, there's a good chance it'll join me on the next family vacation to Reynolds Lake Oconee and then hopefully Kiaweh Island, where the endurance will really be put to the test.


One Thing to Know

Because of the weight, transporting the Cruiser isn't the easiest thing to accomplish. However, if you're heading out on a camping trip to a state park and/or the beach and you have the space, it should make the trip. The fat tires allow it to ride on any terrain, which is perfect for exploring nature as much as cruising in the local bike lane. 


The possibilities are vast with the Himiway Cruiser Electric Bike, and the hardest part will be waiting for the next ride to begin.