11 Great Last-Second Holiday Gift Ideas For The Traveler In Your Life

New gear is always the best gear, even when you think they already have it all.

We've all been there. The clock is ticking and the calendar's pages are quickly turning, and all the while we can't figure out what to buy for that one family member or friend who is just flat out impossible to surprise. Or maybe the big items have already been purchased and the little treats and gadgets are keeping you up at night. Well, rest easy because we have your solutions.

The great thing about shopping for travelers and adventurers is that they can always use a gear upgrade, from backpacks and weekenders to bikes and skis. There are a ton of simple ideas that will probably make their year, but since we are running out of time, here are the 10 best gift ideas we could think of—on your behalf, of course.

Himiway Cruiser Electric Bike
A gift like this is sure to make a traveler feel spoiled and ambitious. | Amazon

What else can I say about the Himiway Cruiser Electric Bike that I haven't already said? Probably that I love it even more since the first time I rode and wrote about it. An electric bike is a great addition for any road trip because it allows for more versatility in adventure. Tour a charming little beach town? Check. Explore a trail in the state park or beyond the campground? Check. Haul butt back to the hotel when you realize you've been exploring all day and lost track of time? Check.

And with speeds up to 25 mph and battery life as far as 60 miles, this model gets a wandered there and back, and then some. Most importantly, its strong frame and durable build mean it will get you everywhere safely.

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike
Fitness buffs will love the versatility and ease of transport with a model like this. | Amazon

An electric bike like the HImiway Cruiser takes up a lot of space and requires a larger vehicle for road trips, so if space is limited and you feel like letting your legs do the work anyway, the Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike is a fine alternative. The lightweight aluminum frame makes it light enough to lift and move around for regular daily transit—like home to the office to the gym and back home again—without sacrificing safety.

Best of all, for the ultimate space savers and organized packers, it comes with a nylon bag for storage and convenient transportation.

Arewewell100 Garage Hooks 16 Pack
Gift the gift of more space for all your stuff. | Amazon

My wife told me that giving someone a set of garage hooks as a gift is like the handyman's version of a bag of socks, and I couldn't disagree more. I can hear homeowners across the world mumbling to themselves, "I swear I'm going to clean up this disaster of a garage in the New Year," and I'm with you—that's my number one goal as well. 
But good intentions can't be drilled into concrete walls and hold two bicycles and garden tools. The Arewewell100 Garage Hooks 16 Pack can. And the six different styles allow for a little creativity in arrangement—just don't drill before you're 100 percent sure you have the placements how you want them.

Costa Del Mar Jose PRO Sunglasses
Whether out on the water or just chilling in the backyard, this is the style that works for everything. | Amazon

Costa's original Jose frame, named for professional angler Captain Jose Wejebe, was launched way back in 2010, and like most of this celebrated brand's models we're certain the pair you bought back then is still as good as the day you bought it. But an upgrade is always fun, and the new Costa Del Mar Jose PRO version is the centerpiece of the Fall 2022 collection, as it offers six performance additions to benefit water sportsmen even more. 

Fully adjustable nose pads reduce fogging, while sweat management channels and eyewire drains move water away from your eyes and avoid pooling during the biggest fights of your fishing life. The hooding and side shields also keep extra light out of your eyes, so your focus will remain on the fight right in front of you. On top of everything, they look cooler than ever, especially when it's time to take a pic of the day's biggest catch.

CEP Run Ultralight Shirt
Protect your skin when you're out there exploring. | Amazon

The right clothing is just as important as the gear, especially when your destination has high temperatures and all the sunlight in the world. Sunscreen alone won't save your skin, but a comfortable, lightweight shirt will go a long way in saving you from needing a trip to the aloe store. 

Versatility is also important for travelers who prefer to carry a light bag, so the CEP Run Ultralight Shirt will go a long way in not only providing safety but also maintaining comfort. Plus, the right colors always go with everything.

soundcore by Anker Sport X10 True Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earbuds
Who doesn't love getting a new pair of headphones? | Amazon

For home or away, the gym or the pool, off the beaten path or simply listening to music to drown out Helen in HR telling you about her new casserole recipe, you're going to demand reliability and darn near perfection from your earbuds. Of all the models and styles I have testes, Soundcore by Anker Sport X10 True Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earbuds recently took a place on my Mount Rushmore after I picked them to replace two pairs: one that I lost in Aruba and the other very popular name brand made by the company that makes my phone.

The latter is a case of enough is enough. The battery life has become abysmal, so much that I can't even make it through an entire movie on a flight without having to switch. The Sport X10 earbuds offer up to eight hours from a single charge, so that's phenomenal, but what I really love about these is the comfort and security on my ear. Ever had an Airpod fall out in a TSA line when you're rushing to make a connection? I don't recommend it. Instead, this pair pops on and off with ease, but when it's on it will not fall off. Gotta love that.

Soundcore by Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Canceling Headphones
When shutting out everyone else is your only goal, this will do the trick. | Amazon

The other problem with trying to get through a movie on an airplane is everyone and everything happening around you. When all you want is to hear the characters crisply as you binge watch The White Lotus on your flight to Sicily, you're going to want the Soundcore by Anker Space Q45 Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones for their ability to drown out as much as 98 percent of the surrounding chatter, crying, and constant complaining from the lady in 37A.

But the other huge perk of this model is the battery power. Eight hours on your earbuds is great for those quicker flights to the Caribbean or Mexico, but when you're flying halfway around the world, you'll want to maximize your listening time, and this one offers an astounding 50 hours.

BOTE Wulf Inflatable Paddle Board
For when the exploration requires getting wet. | Amazon

Much like an electric bike, a stand-up paddleboard is a great mode of transportation for exploring beach towns, or rather the waterways of the beach towns. In fact, if your Caribbean or Florida vacation doesn't already include a SUP tour, you need to book one because they are a great time for travelers of all ages. Or, if you're road tripping it, bring your own.

The BOTE Wulf Inflatable Paddle Board is an ideal style and model because of its portability. The lightweight build is only 20 pounds, yet it doesn't sacrifice durability and safety in size. In fact, at 33-inches wide, it's a fantastic way for younger explorers to get used to the open water.

Nomatic Navigator Carry-On 37L
Think luggage is just luggage? Think again. | Amazon

If we're banging the drum for anything in 2023, it's for airplane passengers to be more considerate with their carryon gear—specifically, following the rules and bringing the right size bag so everyone else's can fit, too. So, why not start with a new luggage style from a dependable brand that excels at making convenient, slimmer bags that make air travel a breeze?

If every traveler had the Nomatic Navigator Carry-On 37L, flying would be stress-free for those of us boarding in Group 7 and praying there's some bin space left when we finally get to our seats. The slim design is ideal for weekend warriors who know exactly what they need, and there's a pocket and place for it all. Planning to bring back some souvenirs? A 37L bag is already very generous with space, but the Navigator can expand another 8L just in case, all while not taking up much more room overhead.

One More for the Adventurers

Perhaps you're not heading anywhere tropical for the holidays and will instead be exploring the snowy areas. Grab a pair of Zorros from the gang at Romp Skis and prepare for all-day adventure. The 89, 100, and 115 styles were developed to let skiers hit the mountains from open to close, but don't let that make you think they're for experienced powderheads only.

Young travelers will also enjoy the versatility and ease of Romp's original design, but they might also find the Mason style to be a little better for learning the fundamentals. Either way, this is a crucial accessory for getting the most of a snowy vacation.

sun shirt
Authentic Caribbean vibes with the bonus of skin protection. | HIHO

We've loved the gear from HIHO for a long time, and who wouldn't? The Caribbean vibes have been authentically cultivated for decades, born in the British Virgin Islands and showcasing the best of the entire region, from the water sports to the cocktails. But, if you need a more utilitarian reason to adopt the lifestyle, look no further than the UPF50 sun shirts. They look great and they'll keep you feeling great, too.