Margaritaville Crocs Have Arrived And They're Pretty Awesome

Two lifestyles collide in this fun, over-the-top, and limited-edition footwear.

Peanut butter and jelly. Spaghetti and meatballs. Papaya and hot sauce. Margaritaville and Crocs? 

Some things just pair so well together, and that last duo is hardly a question based on early social media reaction to a hot new collaboration between the two extremely popular names. Jimmy Buffett's lifestyle brand and the super-casual footwear company this week launched what many people thought was a joke: a pair of Crocs so wild that there's no way it could be real.

But to quote a legendary episode of Seinfeld, they're real and they're spectacular. To describe the Margaritaville x Crocs Classic Margaritaville Clog is almost like trying to explain Picasso's work. There's simply no way to do it justice without just looking at the images. Ice cubes, a shaker of salt, lime wedge, bottle opener, and shot glass can all be found on these bright clogs, and the only thing missing is a built-in speaker that constantly plays your favorite classics.

Alas, they're also extremely limited. The drop launched earlier this week and expired today, which means anyone who didn't enter the draw will soon be scoping out the secondary market, and that always means a mean markup. Heck, even if you made the draw, you're not guaranteed a pair, so it's bare toes crossed for many Parrotheads right now.